A7V133 - Boot hangs at "PCI device list"

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I inherited an older A7V133 motherboard along with some RAM, and figured
I'd try to put together a spare PC.  I have an Athlon XP 1900+

The machine powers on, and I can get into the BIOS, and since the BIOS
version is 1004, I wanted to update the BIOS to 1010.

I have a USB floppy with the BIOS update, and when I set the BIOS to
boot from USB floppy, it looks like it's not even trying to boot from
the USB floppy.

So, I burned a bootable floppy image onto CD, and tried to configure
BIOS to boot from CDROM, but the same thing happens.  It get through the
boot display, displays the "PCI device list", then hangs.

I know that this CD is bootable, because I can boot from it on a
different machine.

What happens when I power up is I see the BIOS display, it recognizes
the USB floppy drive and it sees the CDROM drive.  The last thing it
displays is the list of PCI devices, then it just sits there forever.

I've tried different cables, both 40-wire and 80-wire, and I've tried
setting the CDROM drive to Master, and also tried setting the drive to
cable select.  I've also tried two different CDROM drives, but no matter
what I've tried, the boot just hangs at the PCI device list.

Can anyone tell me what, if anything, I might try to get this machine to
boot off of either the USB floppy or my bootable CDROM??


Re: A7V133 - Boot hangs at "PCI device list"

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first off...
unless there is a specific feature with the new bios that you need...
you should just leave it alone.

if you really have to upgrade the bios...
try a standard floppy rather than a USB floppy

Re: A7V133 - Boot hangs at "PCI device list"


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USB floppy may not be a good idea.
Even if you managed to get the floppy to boot, if something
goes wrong you can't then do an emergency bios recovery.

Further, many older system and even a few newer ones don't
support many if any USB boot devices.  It wouldn't be
surprising that, that board doesn't.  It should definitely
boot from CD though...

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Have you tried clearing the CMOS?

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You still have the USB floppy connected?  Disconnect it.  No
guarantee that's the problem but a suspect.

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Always with the USB floppy connected?  If so, permanently
remove it and hide it from yourself,  since a USB floppy is
many undesirable things all-in-one: less compatible, less
reliable, low capacity, larger than USB flash, and more
expensive than a plain old floppy drive.

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When you tried those other CDROMs, did you try other jumper
settings and removing the USB floppy?  I mean the entire USB
floppy drive, not just pulling the disk out of it.

Do you "need" to flash the bios?
How about just using a hard drive?  

I wouldn't bother with the bios at the moment, seems far
more important to resolve the boot issue from a general
system use perspective, regardless of the bios update.  It
is not expected that a board would have a problem booting
from a normal CD/CD-drive with 1004 bios revision.  Is it
possible the board is instable for whatever reason, perhaps
poor psu or the board itself is failing?

Re: A7V133 - Boot hangs at "PCI device list"


For the record, I was just able to get this working.  

The key clue was on this page:


Note that the Athlon XP 1900+ was supported on all Rev 1.05
motherboards, but only after BIOS version 1007!!

The funny thing was that that was actually the reason that I wanted to
upgrade the BIOS in the 1st place, but I didn't think the V1004 BIOS
would've prevented it from booting with the Athlon XP 1900+.

Anyway, I dug up an old Athlon 850 (which according to that page is
supported on all BIOS versions, and VOILA, the mobo was able to boot
from either CDROM or from USB floppy drive!!

I then flashed the BIOS to 1010B, and it recognized the Athlon XP 1900+
CPU and also booted to either CDROM or USB floppy.


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