A good update (for me)

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Some may be sick of me, welcome to uesnet.
Other are interested, i do know.

The police were just here, we played some audio files, they didn't seem to
be that impressed.
However when I played the videos they really appeared interested. Even that
lame one (infared) of Mr young breaking the fence which i thought was
nothing appeared to be very important to them.

I don't want anyone else to go through this hell. My advice now would be,
get an alarm to try and nip this in the bud, but do tape all damage. Even if
you don't think it's major the police may.

We are going to give taped statements and turn over all videos tomorrow.

Thank's for letting me post here, if we didn't have the net i do feel
nothing would have been done. So thanks for helping also.

I'll let you know what happens in the case of...

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