a challenge for me an easy thing for most of you!!

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i have bought a new barebone bundle (it has all parts appart from hard

i have got my old hard drive from my old pc and connexted it in!
basicly the hard drive and motherboard cannot are not set to be used
together or i need to change something to make them work together !!!!!

please tell me step by step what to do to the ahrd drive so it woll
work with the motherboard!!!

here are the specs for the pc if that is any help =)

Form Factor ATX
Socket Type 775 Pin
Compatible Processors Intel Pentium D Pentium 4 & Celeron LGA 775
Chipset Intel 945 Express Chipset
Max FSB 1066
IDE Type 2 x ATA/133 + 2 x SATA/300 (w/ RAID) Supports RAID 0 and 1
Max Bus Speed 1066
Graphics 1 x PCIe x16
Expansion Slots 1 x PCI Express x16, 3 x PCI
Memory Dual channel, unbuffered, 1.8V DDR 400 (4) 184-pin DIMM sockets,
max 4GB
Audio Integrated, 7.1 channel High Definition (Realtek)
LAN Dual integrated Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000) controllers
Firewire IEEE 1394 Installed
USB Up to 8: 4 in rear I/O area + 2 internal 2-port headers: ver. 2.0
IO 1 x PS/2 keyboard
1 x PS/2 mouse
2 x RJ45 (LAN)
4 x USB 2.0
1 x line-in/line-out/mic (audio)
1 x parallel (SPP/ECP/EPP)
1 x COM (16550-compatible UART)
line-outs for 7.1 channel audio
1 x IEEE-1394

Supplied Memory
Installed Memory 512Mb DDR2 533Mhz PC4200 240pin

Interface Type 775 Pin
Clock Speed 3.0 GHz
Cache Level 2 Size 2Mb KB
Architecture Features Intel Extended Memory 64 Technology, 1MB L2
Advanced Transfer Cache for each core
Performance Index 3.0Ghz

Heatsink & Fan
Interface Type 3 Pin
Material Alloy Copper Dot
Maximum CPU Support Intel Pentium 4 9XX

Chassis Midi ATX Tower
Colour Black ATX Midi Tower 400W PSU
PSU Size 400Watt
Drive Bays 5.24" x 4
Drive Bays 3.5" x 4 (2 Hidden)
Dimensions 415mm(H) x 200mm(W) x 480mm(D)


Re: a challenge for me an easy thing for most of you!!

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Sounds like this one ?

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Moving a disk from one Windows system to the next, is not as
easy as 1-2-3. There are at least three possible solutions:

1) With the old system still assembled, remove the IDE driver
   and update the driver to the default Microsoft driver. If
   the new disk is connected to the Southbridge on the new
   motherboard, the same Microsoft driver may work with it. If
   the new motherboard has some weird disk controller chip (like a
   RAID chip), and you connected the disk to the RAID chip, that
   would not work.

   The OS will discover a lot of "new hardware", if it manages
   to be able to read the hard drive and boot. You'll be cleaning
   up quite a mess. If the original OS was not installed
   well (ACPI wasn't working properly, or there are a lot of
   bits and pieces from vacant hardware about), this is not
   likely to result in a happy Windows environment. On one of
   my home machines, I could never get the AGP video card to
   work right (due to not cleaning out the drivers, before
   using a new video card).

2) You can do a repair install. Connect your hard drive and a
   CD drive to the new motherboard. A repair install takes the OS
   back to whatever service pack the OS install disk was released
   at. For example, if I repair install my Win2K SP4 boot disk,
   I end up with vanilla Win2K, and then I have to reinstall SP4
   and all security updates. I don't have to reinstall my
   programs. I keep all my settings.


3) You can do a clean install. Much more stuff to clean up
   after you do that. It pays to keep notes of what you did,
   for the future, and keep the notes in a safe place (like
   the box you store the Windows install CD in). Like what
   version of drivers you used and the like. You could even
   burn a CD with all the bits and pieces used, for a later
   clean install effort. Your motherboard CD should have
   enough drivers on it, so that after Windows is installed,
   the motherboard CD should make everything functional.

If you are doing (1), I recommend leaving the original hardware
around, as if you cannot manage to boot, you are likely going to
need to move the boot disk back to the old machine for repairs etc.
(Ask me how I figured that out...)

If you have half a clue, you'll back up the hard drive _before_
trying to move it to another machine. Nothing worse than
losing all your files, when moving from one machine to another.
It happens. (I use an old copy of Partition Magic, to clone
one disk to another, as a backup mechanism. I'm sure there
are better ways to do that, but I just use what I've got. It
is like using a screwdriver as a hammer, when you need one :-))


Re: a challenge for me an easy thing for most of you!!

OK that was a great help and by reading all this information i have
come to the conclusion that i am going to pay a professional to do it.
is this a good idea ???


Re: a challenge for me an easy thing for most of you!!

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How could I possibly answer that ?

My experience, is there are precisely two kinds of people in the
world. There are computer phobes, who "fight" with their
PC all the time. Every situation is a confrontation. A
computer phobe takes each situation as an assault on their
person, so naturally adrenaline overrides reason.

The other people are "learners and doers". They may not have
all the bits and pieces of knowledge to get something done.
First they learn the terminology, all the tricky words people use
to describe what they are trying to do. Then, they use search
engines, or find a buddy, and get the low down on what the
general approach is, or what things to avoid.

Computer phobes can actually be turned into the other kind of
person. I cannot pretend I was completely responsible, but it
took me about two years helping a guy at work, to turn him
around. At least, he stopped pestering me to fix stuff and
getting into so many binds :-) The key for him, was getting a
PC for his kid, and playing with it when his kid wasn't using it.

Even people who are knowledgeable about this stuff, can use
professional help at times. If you have the disposible income
to do that, there is nothing wrong with it. I take my car to
a shop, rather than fixing everything myself. A buddy has
shops do the tough stuff, like paying a shop $20 to loosen up
some nuts on the car he cannot budge himself. He can then do the
necessary repairs in his driveway.

Reading between the lines, I think my biggest concern, is that
perhaps you don't have any backups of your data. The one
danger with going to a shop of unknown quality, is the jokers
in there ignore whatever instructions were printed on the
order, and they just install Windows over top of whatever was
on the disk. At least learn enough about doing backups, to
capture and store away the important bits. Your email is
probably stored in some humungous database type file (a .pst?)
and you'd want to squirrel that away somewhere. To save time,
I just copy all the stuff from one disk to another, so I don't
even have to think about details. (My philosophy, is to keep a
couple empty hard drives on hand at all time, and if there is
any doubt, make a backup of something I think is about to go
wrong. With a label maker, I print something descriptive and
stick a label on the drive, so I can visually keep track of
what _might_ be on there later.)

If you don't at least have a good backup method, all the
professionals in the world cannot guarantee that they can
return you to a running state, without losing something.
In the case of this upgrade you are doing, you have to
at least do a little work, before that PC leaves your home,
in order to safeguard your personal data. The shop isn't going
to lose any sleep if they lose all your email, but you will.


Re: a challenge for me an easy thing for most of you!!

WHENEVER you change the motherboard that a harddrive with the OS on it has
been used with,  you MUST reformat the harddrive and do a fresh install of
the OS.  Otherwise you will get ongoing Registry errors and nasty data
corruption.  As you have discovered.


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Re: a challenge for me an easy thing for most of you!!

On Tue, 30 May 2006 16:31:46 -0700, "DaveW"

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Actually, there was NO report of ongoing registry errors or
nasty data corruption.  Makes one wonder if DaveW is just
smoking crack, since NOBODY has EVER reported ongoing
registgry errors or nasty data corruption.  What happens?
Windows won't boot, that's all.

Re: a challenge for me an easy thing for most of you!!

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I've lost count of the number of times that he's posted that bulls**t reply,
I think he does it as an attempt to troll!


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