A Beginners Question on motherboard and graphics card etc.

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I want to know if I where to get whatever one first what do I get.I want to
be able to upgrade my ram further up the road when I can and if I want to.I
am going to be upgrading my graphics to either a GEForce or a Radeon.I want
to know what motherboard should i go for also my cpu is 3000.And do I check
2 see if my motheroard am buying is compatible with the kind of cpu i have
and also what one which is a reasonable price should i get as also as i say
am upgrading my graphics card as its only a onboard just now.

Re: A Beginners Question on motherboard and graphics card etc.

On Thu, 15 Dec 2005 22:14:35 +0000, Tim wrote:

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First, we need more information. AMD has XP 3000s as well as Sempron, AMD
64 3000s. I'm sure someone here can come up with a few more.

No matter which motherboard you get you will only be able to upgrade so
far. They are always changing things (cpu sockets, ram specs) so folks
will have to buy new parts.

On the motherboard just try and go for a good name brand.

Google on motherboard recommendations and you'll find many.

I have had great results with ASUS. Many like ABIT. There are others. If
you go to newegg.com their motherboard section has reviews from buyers
that may help. Do a Google search too. google.com

Keep in mind that any manufacturer can, and probably has, put out a bad
board at one time or another. Kind of like a lemon car.

On your cpu find out what socket it is. You need a motherboard for that
socket. A good way to tell is google your old motherboard and see what
socket it was. The cpu has markings also that should say. Then you can
locate a motherboard that will work with that cpu.

What motherboard do you have now? It should be marked right on the board.

How much RAM do you want to use?


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