939 ULi 1697 mobos -- ASRock vs EPoX vs ABit

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Well, the newest AMD socket has been be released (on my birthday, no
less!), and with all this new AM2 gear starting to fill the market,
it's almost time to build a one-generation-old 939 system at sale
prices (which I am hoping will go down quite a bit now).  The question,
now, is choice.

Pretend you're looking for a ULi-powered 939 mobo.  Which one would you
want?  WHERE would you find it (Abit UL8 PRO)?  Oh, dang, it's raining.

EPoX 9U1697GLI-J  $99
Outstanding stability and a maximum HyperTransport setting of 400
should allow me to solidly clock an Opteron 165 to a theoretical 3ghz
(9*333).  Use of high-quality capacitors is a plus.  Unfortunatly, I've
never seen a "J" model of this board for sale anywhere in the USA, and
only seen the slightly inferior "non-J" version of this board for sale
on two American sites (and one was questionable): ZipZoomFly shows out
of stock here:

ASRock 939SLI32-eSATA2  $66
The favorite (and only) Uli m1697 powered mobos on NewEgg.com are made
by ASrock and boast a nifty "hyper tunnel" courtesy of pairing a ULi
m1695 chip onboard with a ULi m1697 chip, allowing SLI configurations
before nVidia put a stop to it.  Earlier 1697-powered ASRock boards had
an artificial 274 mhz cieling set on their HT speed in BIOS (most
notably on the Dual-Sata2 model) due to long-term stability issues in
running HT anywhere above 274.  This "HT lock" has been removed from
further BIOS versions, but I wonder if the long-term stability issues
remain....  but DDR 548 and CPU 2.466 ghz with HT 822 is nothing to
sneeze at....

The one I want, but of course I can't find it anywhere.  AFAIK, the
only people who own these boards are the guy who won the Abit giveaway
last Christmas and a handful of lucky chinese geeks.  ULi's buyout by
nVidia and ABit's acquisition by USI don't help make this board any
liklier to see US shores.  Based on the success and stability of Abit's
UL8 (non-"pro") powered by ULi m1695, the UL8 PRO replaces the AGP slot
with PCI-express and adds some more features.  You can be teased by
looking at http://www2.abit.com.tw/newsletter/2005/1230.htm

I know, AM2 is the way of the future (well, actually, it's looking like
Conroe is the way of the future), but I really want to build a cheap,
super-stable 939 system.  Does anyone have more information than I've
already found about these mobos (especially about finding/buying the
Epox or Abit models)?

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