8-bit/6502 website overhauled

Do you have a question? Post it now! No Registration Necessary.  Now with pictures!

Hallo all,

I have finally updated my 8-bit website and overhauled it completely.
You can find it at http://www.6502.org/users/andre
Here are the most prominent new features:

- a page to build your own Commodore PET4032

- a number of updated and new boards for the CS/A65 computer
   now including
   - Eagle schematics
   - Eagle board layouts
   - photos
   - 6502 driver code (separated from GeckOS/A65)

- a 74LS610 MMU replacement board with
   Eagle schematics and layout

- finally(!) a navigation menu :-)

I hope you have fun with it! If you find any problems,
or need more information, please let me know.


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