64G hdd limit?

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Thought I'd put a 400G hdd into a P3 just in case, but of course it
doesnt go that high. Was surprised though to see the mobo limit out at
64G rather than 128 - anyone heard of a 64G limit before? And know

Only curious.


Re: 64G hdd limit?

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Binary maths...


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Re: 64G hdd limit?

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Disk geometry is too complicated for me to understand. Some
of the limits are based on how the BIOS handles CHS, and
what hacks were used at the time.



    "Though CHS values no longer have a direct physical relationship to
     the data stored on disks, pseudo CHS values (which can be translated
     by disk electronics or software) are still being used by many utility

I only have a couple old links with info on limits like that.


There are a couple of entries here mentioning 64GB limits.


So far, no explanation about the 64GB limitation.


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