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I'm building a pc with an Asus P5GD1 board. If I get a Intel processor
64 bit support, can I use a 32 bit Xp system or must I use the new 64
system just out. I understand there are very few drivers available for
software right now. Any help will be appreciated. The 32bit is only

Re: 64 bit question

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You can use the normal XP32.


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Re: 64 bit question

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I have the P5GDC and I630 (64bit, 2meg L2) Intel and use the 32bit XP Pro
fine. I also run Suse 9.3 64bit on it's separate partition. Everything works
just great. I have a couple of older apps that worked fine on a previous HT
processor that, for some reason, don't run on this processor (hell if I know
why) but since I need them it wasn't a problem turning off HT in the bios. I
can't tell any difference IRL processing and actually get better numbers in
some benchmarking proggies with it off. In Linux, the main problem is their
is no ATI driver for my X850 PCIE video card. The generic driver in Suse
works ok for almost anything 2d (99.9% of what I use Linux for) so I will
just wait until it is available via YAST.


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