3700 San diegoís stock heatsink question

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I will be ordering this processor within the next few days but my
question is regarding the stock heatsink. Will it be adequate for
gaming? I wonít be overclocking it but i will be running the latest
games. Also, how will ambient temperature effect it? Im not sure how
much heat an X850xt will give off but thatís what i will be ordering.

If i do need to upgrade, any heatsink & fan recommendations?

Thanks for any help.

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Re: 3700 San diego's stock heatsink question

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I have the PCI-E X850 and all the heat is exhausted out the 2nd slot (board
takes up 2 slots). Since the main components are faced away from the CPU
HS/Fan area it has little effect on case temps at all. You will also like
how quiet this board is. Upon post, it revs up to it's highest speed for a
couple of seconds then slows to it's normal speed. It is virtually silent
and nothing I can do will make it speed up after post. I use the I-6xx 2mb
L2 series of Intel S-775 processor, so can't comment on your other question.


Re: 3700 San diego's stock heatsink question

You should be fine, I have the same cpu overclocked to 2.6Ghz with no
problems using the stock heatsink. I have an X800 pro video card running at
550Mhz also. The only other fans in the system are an 80mm back exhaust fan
and the 120mm fan in the PSU.

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