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Hey Guys,

I am planning to build my first computer. It will mainly serve as a
gaming computer, as well a school tool. The OS will be Windows XP Pro
(from my old computer). Here are my core components, first revision:

    ASUS M2N32-SLI Deluxe Wireless Edition
    AMD 64 X2 5000+ Windsor
    Geforce 7950GT KO 256MB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI Express x16
    Segate Barracuda 7200.10 320GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache SATA (x2)
    RAID 0 configuration
    Kingston 1GB 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) System Memory (x2)
    NEC DVD+R 3550A
    Samsung 204B
    NeoPower 550W
    Antec P-180B Case
    Logitech MX1000
    Logitech G15

Do you think that all these pieces will function well together? Here is
a list of the games that I would like to play on it: Rise of Nations,
Rise of Legends, Civilization 4, Command and Conquer: The First Decade,
Command and Conquer 3 (when it comes out), and Star Wars: Empire at
War. My price window is $2100 - 2400. Thanks for the help.

Re: 1st PC build

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 Hello B.C,

Sorry I can't help you with your choice of the individual components but
here are a few comments that might help you. Most of my work is general
computer stuff plus manipulation and editing of audio, still images and
video files. I am converting my VHS tapes into DVDs.

I have used Antec, ASUS and Enlight cases w. power supplies and I prefer the
ASUS, with Enlight second and Antec 3rd. This is judging form the quality of
construction. I believe Enlight had the quietest case fan. There is a
company called PC Power and Colling that sells very quiet case fans. I have
had a few from there.
I have a GE Force 6600 graphics card and it works fine for my work but I am
not into gaming, so I can't comment on that use.

PC Express is a very good choice, with about twice the bandwidth of AGP
cards. Just make sure the motherboard also has PC express - the slots look
fairly similar.

Motherboards - I have had the worst experiences with ASUS  - no support at
all - and the best with Abit. I suggest you check with the newsgroups
specifically for experiences of that particular board.

Kingston I strongly recommend. Their prices are good and I have found their
support excellent.

AMD is better value than Intel and I buy them exclusively now.

Seagate has a good reputation and I have had a few of their drives; one
failed - it developed a short and blew a few things in my box. I have had
very good success with Western Digital - none has ever failed since my first
one in 1992. The last one was a 360 GB SATA version

I had a Pioneer A105 DVD reader/writer that went belly up after 2 years. My
very first DVD reader was a Sony and it's still running. For that reason I
replaced the Pioneer with a Sony - hope the new one is as good as the old
:-)  (You may know that Sony made fabulous TVs in the 1980s - I bought a 21"
model in 1984 and last year I gave it away. It was never repaired and the
picture was as sharp as when I bought it.)

Make sure you match your memory to the motherboard - sometimes you need 2 x
512 MB instead of 1 x 1GB. The memory has a dual channel with 2 x 512.

I hope that was a small guidance and I wish you luck in your efforts.


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