162.22 forceware causing......................

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MB P5N32-E SLI Plus. Graphics EN8500 GT Silent.
OK, bought a second EN8500 GT Silent and installed it connected the
umbilical and set the nVidia control panel to 2 cards.
Made no difference at all. Neither to my Vista rating neither visually to
the 3d turning gadget on the nVidia page.
On top of that, using the latest 162.62 driver the screen would go black
then show recovered from graphic driver blah blah blah; and all would be
fine till next time.
Have removed the second card and all is OK.
Now, there is a new beta driver 163.11. I tried to install
that one and guess what? It stops and says that I am not running Vista 32bit
and will now close.
Then I can't install 162.22 again, it hangs. The only way forward (LOL) is
to go back via System Restore.
Any comments (kind, constructive ones please)?

John the West Ham fan

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