15" cold cathode without sound activation?

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I'm building in a clear acrylic case and want to add 15 inch cold cathode
lights - the only 15" lights I can find are sound activated. is it
possible to install the lights without the sound activation option so that
they are always on when the computer is on?

Thanks for any help.


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Re: 15" cold cathode without sound activation?

You can buy the actual CCFL tubes 'see this link.'
(http://www.ccflwarehouse.com/?gclid=CPKX5Lul8rICFUPHtAodTCQABg ) They
require an inverter to get them to light.... the inverters steps 12V dc
up to around 1800V or 1.8KV.

The ones that are used in monitors and TVs etc are no thicker than a
knitting needle and very, very fragile, the length obviously depending
on screen size, there may be other types mind.

You can get coloured fluorescent lamps but a little behind time for your
purpose.  One thing that may stand out is 'black light', these are
florescent tubes with a special filter on the inside, you might have
seen them in disco's and such like.... they show the slightest bit of
dust up bright as day on your clothes, I've come across them in Sony
alarm clocks with the flip over digits - quite effective, they use
similar lamps on bank notes as well to weed the counterfeits out - just
an idea for you.


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