0028:5226 3030 (fatal exception oe)

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I found the following thread and several others that were similar after
doing a google groups search. They all referred to a scsi udma problem.
We did have a scsi adapter card installed in an isa slot, which I have
now removed. This didn't solve the problem. I was thinking of
reinstalling windows 98 (over the top). I haven't got much understanding
of scsi's or of udma (someone recently gave this computer to us).

Would appreciate any help.


From: Ian_Jack...@blueyonder.co.uk (Ian Jackson) - Find messages by this
Date: Wed, 23 May 2001 08:30:48 GMT
Local: Wed, May 23 2001 3:30 am
Subject: Please identify this fatal exception

I cannot complete reinstallation of Win98 as after it says searching for
hardware I get the blue screen and the following Windows error message

"A fatal exception 0E has occurred at 0028:52263030.  The current
application will be terminiated"

Win98 will start and run programs in safe mode but of course no CDROM or
modem use possible.

The Microsoft knowledge base has no information on this specific

I see no conflicts in device manager

This number 52263030 seems significant but I'm lost to fix the problem

All advise urgently welcomed


Date: Wed, 23 May 2001 19:22:32 +0100
Local: Wed, May 23 2001 1:22 pm
Subject: Re: Please identify this fatal exception

I used to get this problem using an old SCSI ISA card, once I took the
out everything went fine. I put it back once windows was set up, but I
have a few problems with conflicts for a while.
    John Mc Gerr

Re: 0028:5226 3030 (fatal exception oe)

On Sun, 27 Nov 2005 17:53:28 -0500, "*selah*"

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If all else fails, go into your motherboard bios and disable
all *non-manditory* (towards finishing the windows
installation) onboard features (except of course an IDE
channel, since presumably you're now running PATA drive(s)).

Also remove all cards from the motherboard, unplug any USB
devices like card reader or printer, etc.  

What motherboard (and which chipset on that motherboard) is
in the system?  A link to the manufacturer's product page
might also help.

Re: 0028:5226 3030 (fatal exception oe)

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The mainboard seems to be a dell xps r---. The cpu is 450M. The chip is
intel 440bx agpset.

In looking for the specs I saw that they were recommending using cable
select on the hard drives. I tried this and found that now I was getting
the fatal exception error on every boot, (and couldn't boot). When I had
it set for master and slave it would give the error on the 1st try but
would go through ok on reboot.

Re: 0028:5226 3030 (fatal exception oe)

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I would recommend updating the motherboard drivers. The file you need is
available from Intel.

here is the link:

Install the inf drivers update first, then the USB drivers. both are
available on that page.


Re: 0028:5226 3030 (fatal exception oe)

On Fri, 2 Dec 2005 02:40:16 -0500, "*selah*"

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Your non-conventional posting style is likely to interfere
with resoving the problem.

I suggest that you start over and concisely list the system,
major components in it... not adding in things about what
used to be in it yet, leave that for later in the post.

After that concise list, then a clear description of the
problem without any reference to any other post, nor to
anyone else's problem.

Then a history of the system, if it has been demonstrated to
run stabily previously, and what has changed since then.

Win98 should not need any drivers installed in a 440BX
chipset based motherboard.  You might see if there are any
motherboard bios updates that address similar problems and
clear the CMOS (via jumper as detailed in the motherboard
manual or pull the battery for 10 minutes, either way while
AC power is disconnected from PSU).

Did you remove all non-essential hardware then retry the
installation?  Do not use "hard drives", connect one drive
only to the end of the ribbon cable and jumper as master,
with cable in the primary master motherboard socket.  This
will be a least-variables-possible configuration.  It is
also possible your motherboard would need a bios update to
support drives past a certain size, certainly anything
larger than 128GB but the limit might be even lower on a
board that age.

Re: 0028:5226 3030 (fatal exception oe)

Update. The computer started not being able to boot at all - it kept
giving the fatal exception error. I tried reinstalling windows but when
it got to detecting plug and play devices it kept giving the fatal
exception error. After removing all the cards except the video card, it
stopped giving the error and I was able to complete the installation.
After that, the problem was no longer happening. I added back in the nic
and sound card and it still is functioning fine.

Thanks for the help.

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