Zyxel Prestige power adapter?

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 Does anyone reading this have Zyxel Prestige 334?

I need help with the power adapter: the adapter of my Zyxel prestige got
lost :( and to use an alternative adapter I need to know polarity of the
connector on the back of the device. No, it's not stated on the device
labeling or on the manual :(

 The polarity is probably printed on the labeling on the adapter, so I'd
 appreciate it a lot if someone took the troble and looked this up on
 his/her adapter located somewhere under the desk.



Re: Zyxel Prestige power adapter?

On Sat, 13 Aug 2005 13:05:10 +0300, Jani M

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The following datasheet shows 9V AC, 1A.

Being AC, it doesn't have a polarity, it is stepped-down by
an isolation transformer (most likely, it is very uncommon
to see a switching 9V AC supply) and thus polarity would not
matter... but that doesn't mean you could just plug in a 9V
DC adapter instead and expect it to work- necessarily.

So then you have a couple of possible alternatives, finding
a suitable AC adapter (or hacking a DC adapter into an AC)
or determining how the device makes use of the AC supply to
determine if a DC supply could be used instead, and if so,
what parameters it needs meet.  If you don't yet have this
DC adapter nor have an aversion to buying an AC adapter,
that datasheet does make it seem clear that this is what you
need... though you might email them (Zyxel) and ask.

Re: Zyxel Prestige power adapter?

On Sat, 13 Aug 2005 11:04:33 +0000, kony wrote:

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Oh yeah, shame on me: whatta brain fart! I was so
predetermined to see the polarity chart on the device that I was
completely blind to the '9VAC' text next to the connector!

 Thanks :)


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