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Anybody know how to pull ZIP DRAM out of its socket?

Zigzag Inline Package Dynamic RAM is a chip that stands on edge on the
board. It was used as main memory in some Commodores and as video memory in
many 386/486 systems.  The name apparently comes from the pin arrangement;
they project from the center seam of the package, but alternate pins are
bent left and right to fit in a double row of slots.

My Packard Bell 486 accepts these in its Cirrus video circuit to upgrade
video from 512K to 1MB, but I had never seen a stick of it in real life
until last week that wasn't soldered into something.  I salvaged an ISA
video card with eight of the exact chips the PB calls for, in sockets.  But
they seem to be pretty well set in there, and pulling on the chip doesn't
pull straight up on the pins because of the way they're splayed.

Is there any fairly common tool that will yank these things out without
damaging them?  I'm considering just crushing the sockets, but that seems
sorta harsh.



There are chip pullers available for that purpose but not sure where you might
find one.

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