Zalman Reserator 1 Plus Watercooling System for Sale

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Re: Zalman Reserator 1 Plus Watercooling System for Sale

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Free Shipping to lower 48 USA states.

Disclaimer:  I am a new seller so I can understand if people are
hesitant to buy  So to show my good will I've put a 7 day money back
guarantee for you to see for yourself that this product is as I've

Gaurantee:  Gauranteed not to be Dead on Arrival (DOA) and in the
condition I've specified.  I keep track of serial numbers.  Beyond
that, sorry but I can't offer returns if you simply don't like the

Returns:   I don't want to be a rental service.  Returns only on
Defective products within 7 days of receiving the item.  If you damage
the item I will not accept a return.  If you return the item back
damaged or broken I will seek compensation.  Buyer pays any return

Handling Time:  I'll try and send this out as soon as possible.
Usually there is no reason I shouldn't have it out as soon as payment
is received or the next day.  I put 2 days in case I receive the
payment late in the day or I encounter difficulties with packaging or
something along those lines.
Want it sooner?:  If you offer a good price and would not like to wait
the full bidding time to get the item we can agree to end the bid
early and I'll send you the item ASAP.

Condition:  Excellent.  No major blemishes.  Was used about a year and
shows no signs of corrosion.  I only used Zalman coolant with it.

Description:  Watercooling tower reservoir with pump inside.  Connect
the tubing to waterblocks attached to your heat critical components
such as CPU processor, GPU processor, GPU ram, Northbridge,
Southbridge.  There are no moving parts except the pump inside the
tower which you can only hear if you place your ear against the unit.
It's a great silent replacement for noisy fans.  Will not leak inside
your case.  Zalman is a quality brand.  Test outside your case first
to be certain.  I had no problems.

Coolant:  Use a coolant that will prevent corrosion.  My unit is in
near perfect condition, I've only used coolant made by Zalman.  There
is no corrosion.  You cannot use pure distilled water, you must
include an anti corrosive agent with the water.  You shouldn't use
water to begin with.  Zalman made coolant uses propylene glycol with a
corrosion inhibitor.  You should also drain the coolant and replace it
once the anti corrosive agent is no longer active.  Should say on the
bottle how long before you have to replace it.  Zalman coolant lasts a

Compatibility:  If you're using the included water blocks then your
compatibility is limited to what those blocks will fit.  If you want
to get it to work with the latest processors then you need to find
custom made water blocks designed for those processor sockets/graphics
cards/northbridge.  Make sure these blocks use the same size tubing as
the Zalman.  Clamp those tubes down onto the fittings with the
included clamps.  From there just hook up the flow indicator somewhere
in between and you're good to go.

Here's a video to show the end result:
Zalman Reserator with Xbox and PS3

 All you need is a CPU and GPU waterblock that uses the same size
tubing as the Zalman Reserator.  The Reserator Couplers accept 12mm or
1/2'" tubing.  Other sizes are possible but you'd need different size
couplers.  The included CPU and GPU blocks that come with the Zalman
could not accept different size tubing.  7/16'' should also be ok.
Any smaller tubing than that would be a really tight fit and might
start to rip.  However, if you are using a block designed for the PS3
or Xbox then that's not something you have to worry about.  Just get
the right size tubing and a waterblock that uses the same size as the
Zalman and you should be good to go.  Just hook up the waterblock that
fits your Xbox or PS3 to the Zalman with the Flow Indicator somewhere
in between.

Here are some combos designed for Xbox:
XSPC Console Water Blocks
XSPC Hose Fittings

Tubing and Thread Matching:  Just make sure the fittings say 1/2" ID,
that's the diameter of the tubing it accepts.  G1/4" is the size of
the thread.  Match the the thread size of the block to the thread size
of the fittings, preferably from the same manufacturer so you know for
sure they will fit.  Then match the tube size to the Zalman which is
1/2" ID.  G1/4" to 1/2"ID.

These are just ideas and suggestions.  Keep in mind that this unit
entails that you do some tinkering and you need to be somewhat
mechanically minded.  Watercooling isn't entirely risk free and you do
this at your own risk.  I'm not responsible if you damage your
system.  You can do your own research to verify what I'm saying.  Test
thoroughly for at least a day outside your system for any leaks before
installing the block inside your system.

Includes: Zalman Reserator 1 Plus, Flow Indicator, I/O Bracket, 2 sets
of Quick Couplers, CPU block zm-wb3 gold, VGA block zm-gwb2,
Fasteners, and two lengths of approximately 5ft long blue silicone
tubing that came with the unit (4m long, 12mm outer diameter, 8mm
inner diameter manual says; looks equivalent to exactly 1/2" when I
measured it).

It supports Intel's Socket 478/775 CPUs and AMD's Socket 754/939/940/
AM2 CPUs with the default water blocks, however it can fit any CPU and
GPU if you have a customized waterblock for it.

Thanks for looking and check out my other good deals on items by
clicking on my user name.

For more info visit Zalman's website:
Zalman USA

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