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what are my options for a floppy drive in xp to install motherboard
raid driver during the install?
is there any usb drives that pretend they are floppy and connect with
the floppy cable
or do i have to buy a regular floppy drive (again???).

i don't want vista. thanks.

Re: XP floppy options

sndive@gmail.com wrote:
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Even if you can't get your USB floppy to work, it's not like floppy
drives are expensive:


Re: XP floppy options

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Re: XP floppy options

sndive wrote:
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Slipstream the drivers if it's Windows XP 32-bit. The 64-bit version can be
slipstreamed but the process is more involved.

1) install .NET framework 1.1 if you don't have it already.

2) download RAID_Slipstreamer_v3.0.4.exe

3) copy all files on the Windows XP CD to a directory called c:\raidint

4) run RAID_Slipstreamer

5) use Magic ISO to extract boot information from the CD. Save it to c:\boot
Point Magic ISO to c:\raidint and c:\boot.
You will need to buy it to create an ISO larger than 300MB.

6) burn the ISO with Nero or similar.

You may also refer to

Re: XP floppy options

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The simplest answer is to borrow a floppy drive, plug it in, load the
drivers necessary for your install and once everything is up unplug the
floppy and return it to where you borrowed it from.

For what its worth, this is becoming more of an issue so you are not alone
in facing the problem. The last time I installed a server I needed to load
drivers from a floppy but the server didn't have a floppy drive. I wanted it
up that night (so wanted a quick solution) and the simplest was to borrow a
floppy drive from a nearby pc. Fortunately the motherboard still retained
connections for a floppy drive.
Brian Cryer

Re: XP floppy options

OR, you can buy an OEM copy of XP SP2 that includes the second service pack
that has the required drivers included, so you don't need the floppy.  And
the OEM version is less than half the cost of the retail version.


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Re: XP floppy options

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for $86?
i wonder if the ICH9 is supported. the X38 Asus P5E came out after the
sp2 i think

being lazy i bought a floppy along with the mobo

thank you

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