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Sorry if this question has been asked, but I need a new PC, and I hate the
thought of buying Vista.  Anyone major PC makers still sell PCs with XP as
an option?


Re: XP?

Think I figured out the game:  If you go to Dell or HP, and select
"business" computers instead of home computers, most have XP as an option.

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Re: XP?

Or wait a couple of months and get one with Windows 7.
Some places will be selling or giving Windows 7 upgrade coupons with a Vista
machine purchase
I have W7 on a separate HD on my machine and its nicer than Vista


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Re: XP?

peter wrote:
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Don't wait.  Just get the Ubuntu release of Linux.
<www.ubuntu.com>  If you want stability and support for 3 years or
so get version 8.04, which is a long term support version.  Later
are short term, and will only be supported for about 6 months.

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Re: XP?

CBFalconer wrote:
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If the OP wanted XP, I'm not sure if recommending Ubuntu is the right

Don't get me wrong -- I'm a strong proponent of Linux -- I'm just not
sure if Ubuntu is right for the OP (at least not without knowing what
he/she wants the machine for.)  If it's for running some XP-only
software... well... Ubuntu might not be much of a help there. ;)

That said, Perry, if you just want the machine for generic office/school
tasks (browsing, music, movies, e-mail, word-processing, spreadsheets,
etc.) then I would strongly recommend you check out the various Linux
distributions ("flavors") that are available.  Ubuntu's probably one of
the easiest for a new user to get started with, but there are literally
hundreds of others, some general-purpose, some specific.  There are a
number of various outlets through which you can get support, and I (as
well as many, many folks on IRC, various web boards, and Usenet) am
always happy to help new users get started using Linux.


Re: XP?

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Thanks Rob.  I have been running SuSE linux for about 10 years.  Howerver,
the laptop in question is for my wife, and her school stuff.  I don't think
Linux will work for her in this case.

I'd certainly use  it, but not the wife....

Re: XP?

On Sun, 21 Jun 2009 19:19:33 -0600, "peter"

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Contrary to the "buzz" that win7 will be a lot better, it's
still just Vista with a few tweaks someone could do to
vista.  Those who want a slimmer OS won't be satisfied with
win7, that's why they seek XP.

Re: XP?

Perry Aynum wrote:
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Watch your pricing carefully.  I've looked at a couple of those options
and you basically end up paying for an XP oem license in addition to the
cost without the "XP downgrade" option.

If you want XP on a machine now, you can build one.  I've done that for
several people that want good entry-level machines.  You really don't
save much money off of the basic machines from the big boxers, but you
get a *better* machine with the choice of XP or Vista Premium.

Re: XP?

Perry Aynum wrote:
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If you can buy a computer without os, put free win7 RC on it and plan to buy
it next year when it expires.
Unless you need extreme speed, used 2.8GHZ P4 computers are available
for $10 if you keep a watch on craigslist.  And they probably have XP.
NEVER, EVER buy new PC hardware...let someone else take the 90%
depreciation in the first few  years...but that's just me...

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