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Hey all,

I was looking into upgrading my processor.  Im running a mobo with an
intel chipset, so socket 775 is my limitation for the moment.  I came
across a Xeon processor, and I know it is a "server" processor, but I
was wondering if that would work on my desktop pc.  The only reason im
asking is because the Xeons and the Core 2's were under the same socket
category, so I was thinking they might be compatable.  If they are,
whats the difference between the two?

Re: Xeon Question....

Xeon's are NOT compatible with Core 2 Duo motherboards.  They use different


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Re: Xeon Question....

DaveW wrote:
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Dave, ole bean, there *are* LGA775 Xeon products for sale.

Xeon quad core LGA775 X3220 2.4Ghz

Core2 quad core LGA775 Q6600 2.4GHz

The voltage range in those two specifications, could mean
something, or it could be meaningless. Occasionally, there
are errors and omissions in the processorfinder entries,
and some of them never seem to get fixed. So whether
that difference is significant or not, I can't tell.

In the Newegg customer reviews for items like the X3220,
at least one person reported instability in their build
with a Xeon LGA775 in a desktop board. Whether the
individual tested his RAM, and did all the right things,
is unclear.

I don't think I'd go out of my way to buy a X3220, as
a replacement for a Q6600. Personally, I'd stick with
the desktop part. Especially as the Xeon in the example
above, is only available in B3 stepping. Overclockers
like the G0 stepping a bit better, and the Q6600 is
available in B3 and G0.


Re: Xeon Question....

Current Xeons, actually, although 99% common to Core 2 Duo\Quad, have
different prefetch logic for cache and cores, as well as a few other
tweaks that are geared for server systems and can actually decrease
performance on desktop machines that do not execute the same tasks a
server would.

It is not usually worth the effort over a Core 2 LGA-775 setup,
although certain users might benefit from it.

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