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Had a brainstorm.

Ok...the new X2 machine is working great...but I mentioned that I cannot
install my Epson printer on the
64bit version of XP.
Someone mentioned that I probably would not be able to network to another
machine and print from there...
however I should be able to print from a networked 32bit machine...
and to do so *from* the 64bit machine using Remote Desktop.

Ie: from the 64bit machine...bring up the desktop on a networked 32bit
and print from there

S/B possible but may more work than it's worth

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I believe I recall reading that it's possible to print from an XP x64
machine via a networked 32 bit machine.

If you don't get your answer here, there's also this group if your
server carries it (Google groups does):


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Here's another thought, VMWare software, which software lets multiple
operating systems run on the same computer is now free:

http://www.vmware.com/products/server /

Maybe you won't want to go to the trouble, but you could try setting
up a virtual Windows 32bit or Linux machine on your XP x64 machine to
do your printing from.

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I never thought of Vmware...
I have used it in the past and found the guest OS to suffer a performance
hit...but it may be a nice experiment to try

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Just for the heck of it I emailed Epson support...to see if maybe they will
be coming out with drivers for XP_64.
If they are going to be forthcoming..I may just wait.

BTW: One thing I should mention about the machine....

I bought an Antec case (TX1050B)

It came with a great power supply. The case itself was very sturdy...
And it was a breeze to work on. It only took an hour (at most) to build the

*however* the door hinges are so cheap I cannot believe it. The first time I
opened the door...
the hinge broke right off. Though I fixed it by drilling a hole and
inserting a peg...
a few minutes later another hinge peg broke off...
so i just decided not to use the drive bay cover at all.

how can a company with their good reputation create such a cheap hinge peg?

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Thats my big BEEF. Its not that cheap but its not exactly that great
either especially considering the way they are designed. Tons of
current cases now use doors that hide the drives on top and they all
hang out right in the air.  Its only a matter of time you accidently
kick it walking around with our knee, accidently grab it putting
weight on it or just plain bump into it and you know its going to
break. Its like its made to break off.

Most of the time you are going to be using your drives and I like
keeping it open when in use so heat doesnt build up with my burners
and hard drives up there. So the door is just dangling out there.

They need to let it swing completely flat against the sides so its out
of the way AND make better hinges instead of those tiny plastic snap
on things and make it easily removable and installable.

I actually took care of it for over a year my full tower Antec
paranoid about the case and my nephew knocked it off. Luckily it didnt
break then. But when I tried to snap it back on one of the thin arms
that on the door broke off. Im trying to glue it on right now or
design a new hinge. Its lame. ANTEC does sell doors for 15 bucks or so
but with shipping it would be 30-35 and I bought another whole new
full tower ANTEC like it last summer Im not even using yet new in box
for $29 so it seems kind of pricey and I got the Antec Super Lan boy
for 29 and the MGE for 20.

I was thinking glueing a slab of plastic on that part of the inside of
the door and drilling a hole too to replace the arm that the little
nipple fits in.

I agree 100% its a crime that brand name cases still use such a LAME O
design on their doors. Its a BIG MINUS FOR ME and something I going to
be looking at in future cases to avoid.

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Well...I very well might have taken the door off anyway...
but still it was totally unreal how it broke so easily.
Yes...I know I could fix it easily enough...but don't think I'll bother.

BTW: when I was demonstrating how cheap the hinge pin was...
I picked up a toothpick and showed a friend of mine that the
Anec case hinge was a cheap as a toothpick...
whereby I picked up a toothpick and bent it back.

Only the toothpick (a plastic one) did *NOT* break !!!!!!

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