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i had posted last week about ordering parts from Monarch computer...
and by mistake...specifying express delivery...
only to see that some parts were back ordered.

well I emailed them and got a prompt reply that the B/O
will ship today...
so if they really do ship the B/O today it should not
hurt my plans to start building the machine this comming weekend...

i hope to heck it was worth it going with the X2...
I guess i'll soon find out!

Re: X2 (further info)

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Best of luck with it all philo. Keep us posted (as I`m sure you will <g>.)
May your new machine `go like the wind`.


Re: X2 (further info)

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Sure I think it is. Everything is subjective though. In your case you
mentioned Photoshop and other graphics work etc so Im sure there will
SOME improvement.

I wouldnt recommend one for someone who just wants to do
wordprocessing and surf the net but that depends on how rich that
person is. They might want it just to have it.

Im expecting mine to make a big subjective difference. It also makes
HUGE difference according to sits that specialize in music systems.
They claim you get horrendous latency with the AMD 64 systems unless
you move up to the X2s. Theres a website with tons of posts on it
where some people in the business of creating DAWs whine about it ---
a problems with the new AMD64s and even the INTELs to a lesser extent
regarding latency. They finally mention the X2s seem to cure the
problems and with the INTELS using a wimpy video card.

Im also expecting big improvements in multitasking and doing certain
chores hopefully like some video stuff and using Agent which seems
like a system resource hog how.

Re: X2 (further info)

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will post back when i get the machine up and running.

according to the shipping records i'll get one box on Tue
and the remainer on Wed...

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