Wow! Intel showcased an 80core processor!

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On This site there is a video to the demo of the 80core processor being
showcased by Intel's Chief technology officer. It is pretty cool to see
technology leaping from 2 -> 80. hehe. Also information regarding
gaming performance on a quad core processor that will be out next
year.. The future is looking =) /

Re: Wow! Intel showcased an 80core processor!

On 27 Sep 2006 10:49:20 -0700, ""

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We can be fairly sure that given same construction
techniques and die size, a quad core procesor will be
significantly slower at gaming than a single or dual core.
Larger, fewer cores and larger cache are the optimal
solution for games that are only now beginning to go
multithreaded enough to benefit from 2 cores.

Re: Wow! Intel showcased an 80core processor! wrote:

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This seems to be the logical way to deal with slow cheap printed
transistors too, which I suspect may be the future for most computers.
300MHz is masses of speed if you've got 200 CPUs, each one handling one

Maybe one day we'll be able to print CPUs out onto A4 sheets using
special inks, and a ream of CPUs will make a very fast machine. The top
sheet would be display, the lower sheets a battery, and everything
between would be CPU, RAM mobo and so on. The back sheet would be the
portable storage reader, just press your sheet of microprinted data
paper onto it to read it.

Meanwhile in the real world I'd hoped to see the 80 core silicon beast,
but no pic of it there.


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