Wireless USB mice and PS2 KVM

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I've just got a Belkin Omniview E series KVM, attached all the cables
and everything except my wireless Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer
works (it's attached to the KVM via a USB/PS2 adapter plug) when my
wired Intellimouse Explorer is attached in the same way there's no
problems. I did notice the light on the receiver on the wireless mouse
did not turn on, is it getting enough power through the PS2 port? if
not would plugging in the optional KVM power supply solve the problem
(or is it a general problem with the adapter plug) or is there another
"way around" the problem?
Many Thanks.

Re: Wireless USB mice and PS2 KVM

On Fri, 02 Jun 2006 19:10:30 GMT, Ford Prefect

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Did that mouse come with a USB/PS2 adapter?  If not, it may
not support it.

Unplug it from the KVM and try directly connected to the
system('s/s') PS2 ports to see if it then works.   Does the
mouse documentation mention a power draw?  Might be in tiny
print on the USB RX/TX thumb-module but I wouldn't be
surprised if it wasn't.  For comparison purposes I've one
from a Logitech Mediaplay mouse rated for 55mA (5V of
course) which is a pretty light load but I dont' know how
much current your KVM needs (check it's label).

Do you have a spare PSU lying around that you could try on
your KVM?  I don't know about all of them, but some will
take a relatively wide range of supply voltage for short
enough time to test this.  For example a generic one I
popped open spec's  something like 5 or 9V input on the jack
but that is immediately dropped down by a linear regulator
behind the jack... so any random DC wall wart of about 5V
(unregulated) or 75.V (regulated) up to around 24V would
suffice for a brief test, and the proper voltage as spec'd
is more important for regular use as the excess voltage is
shed as heat.

Often a KVM prevents the system from detecting a specific
mouse, but the generic XY axis, 3 buttons and scroll will
still work.  Anything more would depend on the driver's

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