Wireless touchpad keyboards - DOS compatible?

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I'm looking for an upgrade keyboard but also need something compatible
with BIOS, DOS and non-windows.

I know my current usb wired keyboard is recognised during post (BIOS)
and in DOS but as I was looking at a touchpad device which is
essentially two devices on one wireless usb channel I was wondering if
they would work properly.

I'd be happy as long as the keyboard works..

Anyone tested these?


Re: Wireless touchpad keyboards - DOS compatible?

On Sat, 23 Dec 2006 16:50:37 GMT, Fuddle

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These what?
It's not a matter of some wireless concept, it's a matter of
exactly what product you are considering.

Even so, in general if the system bios has the ability to
use a corded USB keyboard it should be able to use a USB
wireless version.  That doesnt' mean there couldn't be
exceptions, particularly with special features, but
supposing you bought a major brand product meant to be used
on a PC, it's expected to work as you require... providing
the bios has that USB emulation support and that support is
enabled in the bios.  IOW, as mentioned above if the system
can already use a corded USB keyboard, it should be ready.

To be able to get into the bios, you might need one that
stays sync'd or always powered on by USB 5VSB power, since
you often don't have time after a system is turned on to be
pressing sync buttons on a receiver to get it working before
your chance to hit the right keyboard key for bios menu
entrance is over.

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