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I do want to buy a certain laptop, it has everything on I want, except
a modem. The saleslady told me I would need a wireless router to make
it work with my regular slow phone line. I never came across this
problem and just wanted to make sure if this is the way to go about
before I buy it, because I will use it mostly at home with my phone
line. Sorry to be so ignorant, would appreciate your help. Thanks

Re: wireless router???

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Are you referring to a dial-up modem or a broadband cable or DSL modem? Do
you already have broadband? It sounds like she was assuming you already have

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Re: wireless router???

I am referring to a dial-up connection. As I gather from what all of
you write, I am better off looking for a different laptop with a
modem???? Thanks

Re: wireless router???

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If youve already bought the laptop that seems like a hassle.

Your options are simple if you want to be wired instead of wireless.
theres a network connection for a router and a dial up wire connection
for many laptops with built in modem.

Wiflyer - device to actually use a dialup in wireless mode
The problem with such devices is its not as popular as broadband
wireless where you can get a router for 10 bucks on sale - theres one
going at compusa for that price now so you have to pay ridiculous
prices. This dialup wireless device is $100+.

(Amazon.com product link shortened)


Heres another one thats more reasonable $50  Looks interesting and has
a 30 day money back guarantee. Have no idea whether it works decently
at all though.



Heres a post about it

Nebo Wireless has an interesting Wireless Link for dialup Internet
users. I own one and I like it. The product works similar to a
cordless telephone. Anywhere in the USA or Canada that you can access
dialup Internet service with wires from your computer to a standard
telephone jack, you can access your dialup Internet service without
wires from your computer to the same telephone jack when using the
Nebo Wireless Link but you need to use a standard telephone jack that
has local telephone service. For optimum performance of the dialup
Internet service, you should operate the computer within 300 feet of
the telephone jack equipped with the Nebo Wireless Link. You can also
use the computer upstairs, downstairs or outside your home within 300
feet of the telephone jack but that is assuming you don't have steel
flooring or walls. In other words, metal can affect the quality of the
Internet service. In "free space" this product could work over 1000
feet from a telephone jack. Please refer to
http://nebowireless.com/tech.html if you want further information.


If you want a laptop

See heres a deal this week

Compusa  499 after rebates (300)

Has built in modem and wireless.
HD is a bit small and I think only comes with 256 mem. Has ati 9000
level graphics I think. My neighbors kid bought it and brought it
over. I was really impressed since Im a luddite about wireless phones
and laptops - wasnt really interested in them but got a phone
recenlty. The laptop too , was really impressive . The screen was
large and very good looking. The overall design was sleek and it was
packed with features. It weighed 6.9 lbs I think.  Last time I really
looked at them was ages ago when a friend wanted one and Texas
Instruments/IBM / Toshiba were really hot and decent units cost 2-3
grand with really hot ones in the 4-5 K range. This one was decked out
(wireless, DVD drive, modem, ati graphics etc)  , good design etc all
for 499 after rebates. The only quibble I had was 40 gig HD, 256 mem.
Obviously you can get a faster processor but I dont really care since
I prefer desktops for any kind of intensive stuff like games etc. It
also got pretty hot like all laptops do. Dont know about the battery
life either.  The avg price online is around 7-800.

Best Buy was running s deal this week too

I think its the samething but 50 bucks cheaper with rebate

Ive seen other posters say there are deals at dell too.
You can possibly get a more powerful processor on a cheapo laptop deal
if its a less well known brand.

Re: wireless router???

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I see two possible concepts, one of which may be what the
saleslady is thinking of, and the other one is more like what
you might be thinking of, and they don't mix.

If you want to be able to plug your laptop into a telephone line
and use it to make a dialup connection to an ISP, the wireless
won't do you much good.  You will simply need a modem.  There
are a number of PCMCIA card modems available which work fairly
well...  if you are *not* going to be using the modem in places
where poor telephone lines or lousy long distance connections
are expected.  (If you are, you'll want an external modem
in spite of all the problems that entails.  They require an
RS-232 port and they a bulky... but they will connect over lines
that the PCMCIA modems will not.  Get either a used USR Courier
or a used SupraFAX 288 with a v.34+ upgrade.)

On the other hand, if you have an ISP connection at home
already, and want to connect to it with the laptop (which is
apparently what the saleslady thought), then a wireless access
point might well be a really great way to do it.

Whatever, the "regular slow phone line" doesn't seem to have much
to do with this, eh?

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Re: wireless router???

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People have asked this before and people looked and there was no cheap
obvious answer for wireless dialup. All the wireless routers Ive seen
take DSL/cable type connections. Maybe theres a simple adaptor for it
I dont know.

Anyway even if you dont need speed a lot of people get DSL at least
because using dial up ties up their phone lines. Paying for two lines
usually pays for cheap DSL if you can get it. Cable does tend to cost
a lot 45 bucks or so though they are running deals now for $30 for the
first 6 months. DSL verizon I think has been offering a $30 deal a
month , maybe you can get even a slower speed cheaper deal.

Re: wireless router???

On Mon, 08 Aug 2005 16:15:28 GMT, "John@Smith.com"

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One possible solution is an external serial modem plus an
older generation router that has this ability like a D-Link
704.  I know the old metal-cased version has dialup analog
modem support but can only suspect/assume the newer plastic
cased generation continued to provide that feature.

Of course the other option would be (assuming the user has a
desktop system too) to use the desktop as the gateway with
ICS, then still have the laptop connecting wirelessly
directly to the desktop OR to a network router or access

Providing the notebook as PCMCIA or cardbus slots available,
OP could probably find a dialup modem card for it and
(assuming he has no other equipment yet) that would be the
cheapest yet least desirable option since it tethers the
laptop to the wall by it's phone line.

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