Wireless (radio) mice?

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I currently have a wireless mouse, radio linked to a PC. The mouse came
with the PC and the radio receiver is built into the PC case, serving
both mouse and a keyboard.

The mouse is becoming a little worn and I would like to replace it, but
with one which would work with the built in radio receiver. Do these
things work to any kind of standard which would allow this?

Are all mice described as being 'wireless' radio linked rather than IR
linked - most ads do not seem to make this point clear?

        Harry (M1BYT) (L)

Re: Wireless (radio) mice?

On Sun, 25 May 2008 16:55:47 +0100, Harry Bloomfield

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It's a proprietary link between mouse and receiver, you
can't even assume all models from same manufacturer would
work with same receiver.

Your best bet is to buy the mouse having the features and
ergonomic styling/shape that suits you best, and using an
external receiver for it.

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There have been a few IR mice but they don't do so well
needing to have line of sight to the receiver while being a
moving object.  Radio linked mice are far far more common
and it is not a 100% guarantee but generally assumed a mouse
uses radio rather than IR link if not specified (though if
something were very old generic it might be more likely to
use IR than a decent modern popular brand like Microsoft or

Go to a store and try out a few, that's the best way to
select on a human interface device like this.

Re: Wireless (radio) mice?

Most (maybe all) current wireless devices operate on a low power unlicensed
radio band, usually 27 Mhz or 2.4 Ghz. Your best chance of compatibility is to
use bluetooth devices.

Harry Bloomfield wrote:
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                   Mike Walsh

Re: Wireless (radio) mice?

Mike Walsh wrote :
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Thanks to both, I was just trying to avoid yet another dongle on the

        Harry (M1BYT) (L)

Re: Wireless (radio) mice?

Harry Bloomfield wrote:
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Being the curious type, I'd either try Everest or Sisoftware Sandra, and
get a list of hardware in the PC. Or open the side of the PC and have a
look around, to see how the radio feature is implemented.

(Everest was formerly AIDA32, and this is the last free version. Newer
versions can be purchased from lavalys.com)


(Sandra Lite is free.)
http://www.sisoftware.co.uk/index.html?dir=&location=downandbuy&langx=en&a =

The reason for doing this, would be to see if the radio is
described as Bluetooth, because that improves the odds you
could use a new product based on Bluetooth, with the PC

It is possible the radio device is connected to an internal USB header,
but I don't know that it is done that way for a fact. But perhaps using
a few utilities, will unearth a bit more information about what is inside
your PC.

USB devices can be examined with this utility.



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