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Here's the scenario.  I presently have an internet hi-speed cable hook up in
my office upstairs.  I am also running a laptop off of this through a Link
SYS Wireless-B 2.4GHz 802.11b broadband router.  The internet and my PC are
hooked up to this router, obviously.

I also have in my possession a D-Link Air Wireless Network PCI 2.4GHz
adapter. 802.11b

Now..what I want to do is move everything down in the basement without
having to call my cable provider to set up another outlet as I am only going
to be at this location for another 8 months or so.

So do I just install this D-Link into my PC, move the PC downstairs and have
the D-Link do the work to hook up to the router upstairs?

Do I have to have a PC hooked up to the router upstairs or will it be okay
to unhook it and move it downstairs?

So all in all..  I want my PC in the basement able to hook up to the
internet connection upstairs and still have my laptop hooked up to it as

I think I have all the ingredients..but I just need a little information on
how to set this thing up.


Re: wireless question

Not sure I follow 100%, but, the only issue wrt the cable hook-up and router
is just to make sure that if the cable modem is relocated to another
location, you can run a coax cable from an outlet to the cable modem, AND,
run an ethernet cable from the cable modem to the router.  All this is
determined by what's accessible and practical, nothing more.  IOW, if the
ONLY cable outlet is located upstairs, but you want to relocate the cable
modem down in the basement, well..., of course, this is not going to be
practical if you have to run a coax cable from the basement back upstairs!
That's just common sense.

Perhaps I'm not understanding your intentions.  For example, is the
*primary* concern here relocating the cable modem downstairs (for what
reason?), OR, being able to access that cable modem (and router) from
downstairs w/ your PC?  It's no big deal to keep the cable modem and router
upstairs, and install a wireless adapter in your PC downstairs and achieve
connectivity.  What am I missing?


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Re: wireless question

Yep Bacchus, all what you say is OK.
You don't need a comp upstairs but to enter the setup in the router to enter
the MAC address etc it will be best NOT to do it via wireless (can't
initially anyway!), but take the router downstairs & hook to the comp via
cat5 cable & then return it upstairs.

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