Wireless keyboard and mouse woes, XP Pro SP2.

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First wireless/usb keyboard and mouse started to act up, replaced batteries
but still flaky. Bought new wireless KB and mouse and all was fine for a few
days then both would just stop working. Rebooting the machine sometimes
fixed the problem. Finally got fed up and put back the original wired KB and
mouse, but the wired KB is no longer being recognised. Rebooted several
times with no change. Plugged the new wireless stuff back in and its all
working again, but who knows for how long.

Questions are 1. Why isnt the wired KB being recognised and 2. could this be
a USB problem? Machine is USB 1.1 onboard.



Re: Wireless keyboard and mouse woes, XP Pro SP2.

I have seen this problem often where there were wireless networks within a
few hundred feet of the location where the problem is. I have also seen
digital cellular phones and other related equipment cause problems with
wireless computer equipment, and also the other way.

When the wireless devices start up, they try to select the best frequency in
their designed range. Sometimes the one that it is forced to choose also has
interference on it. By restarting the device, it may select a different
frequency. Taking the power off and on the device, should also force it to
do another search.

At the office, we put in a wireless network for the laptop users. Now there
are problem with some of the cellular phones when used in the area. The
cellular phones are also sometimes causing wireless network problems.

The wireless network is sometimes causing some problems with the wireless



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Re: Wireless keyboard and mouse woes, XP Pro SP2.


Already thought about this and switched off the digital phones. There are no
wireless networks in the area.

Appreciate your response


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