Wireless data projectors

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Anyone able to point me to good sources of information - newsgroups,
comparisons, experiences with.. on Wireless data projectors? I'm
evaluating alternatives and am keen to make the "right" call when I buy.
All advice welcome..


Richard John

Re: Wireless data projectors

Richard John wrote:
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You mean like wireless video ? Why not post a few URLs of products
you are interested in, and get some comments.

There are various schemes. Some involve compression and static images
(suitable for Powerpoint presentations). Some support motion video,
but at limited resolution (1024x768) and have VGA on both ends of
the system. I doubt any of them are worth owning, but it's your money.

One product I saw for sale, was uniformly reported by users as "snowy".
No one got it to work properly! That is an example of what you're facing.

Maybe a better way to approach it, is to describe the application, and
see what people suggest. If both source and destination are fixed in
place, there are a multitude of extender options, that don't involve
wireless. For example, fiber optics can be thin, and span huge
distances. And give a good result.


looking for thin-wire connectors for motherboard


I am looking for a two-wire 'thin-wire' connector for my motherboard.
Specifically the two-wire one.

Does anyone know what the official name for these connectors are and
where they can be found?


NOTE: Photo of what I am talking about is here:


Re: looking for thin-wire connectors for motherboard

Todd Last wrote:
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You should have started a new thread, rather than replying
to the one you did.

You can get components here. You need a plastic shell, then
you also need crimp pins (the female ones look right). And
finally, wire goes inside the crimp pins (good quality stranded
wire is surprisingly hard to find - Radio Shack carries crap).


If you're looking for jumper blocks (1x2 that shorts two pins
together), you can buy those by the bag. They come in 0.1" or
2mm center to center.

2mm jumpers at a high price

0.1" jumpers


Re: looking for thin-wire connectors for motherboard

Thanks Paul!

That is exactly the info I needed.
Sorry about my screw up on posting.


Paul wrote:
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