Wireless Connection to a Projector

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I have an external Wireless card 54mbps/2.4GHz and I can connect to the
wireless projector only if the screen has 16 colours

What can be done about this?

Is there any card that will perform better?

Thank you,

Re: Wireless Connection to a Projector

Samuel Shulman wrote:
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So what technology are we talking about here ?

What is the make and model of wireless projector ?

Does it work with standard Wifi ? What other Wifi
standards does it support (Wifi-N ?)

A 16 color choice could either be caused by the video
standard the product presents to the computer. Or it
could be an artifact of the attempt to compress the
hell out of the information being sent to the projector.
Easier to send 4 bit color, than 24 bit color.

In the future, things like UWB (ultra wide band) will
improve the performance of near field communications.


In UWB testing here, the range appears to be quite limited.
(I.e. Doesn't look good enough for a variety of presentation


This is an example of a typical existing wireless VGA extender.
This carries 1024x768 at 60Hz VGA to a remote device. Their spec
sheet claims such a high compression ratio, that it cannot
be lossless, so some image degradation would be expected.

http://www.connectivity.avocent.com/products/longview-wireless /

I've seen at least one version of a VGA extender, where you need
an FCC license to run it.

Using WiFi frequencies, means you're competing with all the noise
that currently exists in such frequency ranges. That is probably
why the Avocent product selected IEEE 802.11a at 5GHz.


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