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I have a PC connected to a DSL and would like to sporadically share this
connection with a client's laptop.
The problem is that the PC is on a second floor and the modem/router is in a
server/telephone room on the basement.
Is there away to share the DSL connection directly from the PC on the second
floor so that a client can connect his/her laptop without complications?

Thanks in advance!!

Re: Wireless connection

no i dun think so

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Re: Wireless connection

On Tue, 22 Aug 2006 07:08:46 GMT, "CHARALES"

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What other connectivity options do you have on the 2nd

The typical approach would be a wireless access point on the
2nd floor, wired into the hub or switch nearest that floor,
the one handling the desktops on it too.  If for some reason
all the runs went direct from 2nd floor to basement, then
you have at least two more options.

1)  Disconnect one of the runs to a desktop, connecting that
run to a switch that has wifi built in (in generic terms,
it'll be a wifi capable router, that you're not using the
WAN port on at all, only the switch and wifi access point
capabilities of it), then connect the desktop to one of the
other switch ports.  Disable the DHCP feature on this router
to have the one from the basement retain that function.  A
similar alternative to the all-in-one wifi router is to add
a separate switch and plug a wifi access point into one of
the ports- no benefit, an extra piece of hardware and more
expense unless you had these parts already.

2)  Install a wifi card in the desktop and enable ICS,
windows internet connection sharing on it.

Which options are available to you may be more a function of
company policy/permission.  Be sure the admin is aware.

Re: Wireless connection


I'm more fond of the second idea due to the PC and the Router's situation in
the building.
Actually it's what I thought of in the first place, but was not sure since
I've never tried it.

Do you think a Belkin Wireless Pre-N Desktop Network Card
(http://catalog.belkin.com/IWCatProductPage.process?Product_Id=249594 ) would
be enough for this matter, or would I need a card for the laptop as well
(even though the laptop has all the wireless capabilities)?

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in a

Re: Wireless connection

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    Don't buy pre-N.

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Re: Wireless connection

On Tue, 22 Aug 2006 14:38:30 GMT, "CHARALES"

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The second idea is the worst of all.
There is no situation in the building that prevents
unplugging the cable from the back of the PC, plugging that
into a wifi router, then a short cable from the router to
the desktop.

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It is a bad choice.  If securing the hardware were the
issue, thus the card instead of an external router, you'd
want a card entirely internal, not with a slot.

Either way, reception will be poor with antenna on the back
of the metal case, and unless the laptop is pre-N (which I
doubt), there's no need "today" for a pre-n card.  So yes,
if you wanted to try to use pre-n you'd have to find a
suitable card for the laptop too, though it should drop back
to 802.11.whatever (b or g, depending on the laptop's

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