Windows XP freeze

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I have 1 PC, windows windows XP on it. The booting is really slow. It got
800Mhz P3 and 256 RAM. First, i thought the problem is with the hard disk,
but even after swap with other hard disk(same model, maxtor) it still
freeze. It happen sometimes when I run games, or sometimes just Acrobat
reader. Can someone help me? I just swap the Processor from celeron 500 to
P3 800Mhz.
I havent try to swap the processor back.

Re: Windows XP freeze

On Fri, 4 May 2007 15:02:57 +0800, "besi"

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Complete freezes are usually a hardware problem.  Since you
had changed the CPU, I will assume at least one of the two
times you had a decent CPU-heatsink interface, and these are
very cool running CPUs (relatively speaking) so the odds are
your remaining variables are the problem, either motherboard
or PSU.

You didn't bother to mention specifics of the system though,
so we can't help you with motherboard or CPU.  It is always
good to begin a system-problem post with a concise but
complete description of the system.

Random thoughts that might not be applicable include:

-  Check PSU with a multimeter
-  Examine motherboard for capacitor failure
-  Unplug PSU from AC power and open, inspect it as well
-  Check fan operation and dust buildup
-  Run memtest96+ for several hours
-  Check Event Viewer

Re: Windows XP freeze


i did run memtest for long hours. found no prob with it.
How to test PSU with multimeter?
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Re: Windows XP freeze

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256mb of RAM isnt enough to run Windows XP well and you certainly can't play
games with so little RAM - unless you mean Minesweeper and Solitaire!

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