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Re: Windows XP cannot copy files during install


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Re: Windows XP cannot copy files during install

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I think I had that problem it turned out to be the IDE cable.

I had 2 CD drives. One had the problem so I used the other. Then the
other started. Amazingly, both IDE cables were bad!! The one I bought
new from a shop to test further was also bad!!!  So I gave up /
couldn't be bothered.

I could get past a file that wasn't copying by taking the CD out and
putting it back in. Then it'd crash on another file.  Another trick
was to take the CD out and put it in the other drive.

The problem lasted for about a year.  I only realised it was the IDE
cable(s) when I was fixing a friend's computer, and they had some
really strict CD drive that wouldn't do anything with my IDE cables
but worked with the IDE cable it had. I then bought an Asus IDE cable
which worked great. So I bought a load of them.

Sometimes really strict devices are useful - for the sake of testing
other devices that plug into them.
But not always/
I once saw a video card connector that was so strict it hardly
accepted any monitors. The connector at the end of the monitor had to
have all or all but one pin in it.  I think it was a horrible Sony
VAIO computer.

USB seems to be another one of those things.  I once had 2 batches of
USB-Ps2 Adaptors. And 2 computers. One batch worked in both computers.
The other batch only worked in one.  That indicated to me that one of
the computers had 'weak' usb ports. The USB-Ps2 adaptors that didn't
work were a nuisance as usb-ps2 adaptors. But perhaps useful for
testing USB ports!

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