Windows feeezes !

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Story: My friend wanted to install a new hard disk  because the previous one
has a permanent error indicated by S.M.A.R.T. message.

1 He installed the new HD in an USB external disk fixture, partitionned with
2 he installed the new disk as secondary master and ran a ghost program to
clone the original disk onto the new. At a certain point in time during the
ghost session he named the new boot partition as I:/
3 Then he installed the new as primary master et the old as secondary master
and started the machine to boot. Result was OK. He transfered data from the
old to the new disk .
4 When removing the old from the machine leaving the new alone, the system
booted then stuck after the Windows XP banner leaving a blue screen (not
BSOD) with the MS logo.
5 Start in no failure mode won't change anything

Can anyone figure out what could be wrong ?

Re: Windows feeezes !

Sydney wrote:
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One slight mistake.

The first time you boot a cloned disk, make sure the old disk is
*disconnected*. Don't boot a clone, the very first time, in the
presence of the old disk. Once you've booted the clone all by itself,
at least once, then it is safe to re-connect the old disk.

Don't ask me what "attachment" the new disk has for the old
disk. The OS is probably using at least one resource from the
old disk, as well as reading the majority of files from the
new disk. And that is why it fails to boot when the old is now

If you boot the clone, for the first time, all by itself,
it won't develop an "unhealthy attachment" for the old drive.

Perhaps, if you can find out what the OS does in that case, it
would be possible to fix it, without cloning all over again.
The last time that happened to me, I just cloned all over again,
as that was faster than doing the research to figure out what
had happened.

An example here, of the same advice.

   "5. (Important) Reboot the first time with only the clone attached."


Re: Windows feeezes !


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Upon first detecting a new drive, when finished booting,
windows assigns a unique identifier code to it which it
places in some registry key.  I forget which key.

While booting, windows looks at the existing registry
identifier code for which drive it is installed on and what
drive letter each identifier code has been assigned.  If the
new drive has not been assigned an identifier yet it can
default to C: which makes it the drive letter windows thinks
it needs to use.  If the new drive has already been assigned
that identifier before it's first booted alone it is already
assigned a different drive letter than C: (C: being only an
example, you could replace C: with D: or whatever letter, it
just signifies the partition where windows thinks it's

Re: Windows feeezes !

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On a different system, I have done again a clone to a different drive;
Then I booted the clone alone in the very first time and it reproduced the
same result as the one my friend got.
I am puzzled !
This clone contains a virtpart.dat (26 MB) file created at the time of the

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