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What kind of screen is needed for Windows 8?

Re: Windows 8 Screen

On 11/09/2012 11:23 AM, wrote:
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A computer screen.


Re: Windows 8 Screen

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Windows 8 is an operating system thus
(1) works on some motherboards (and not others)
(2) and modern motherboards are designed to use several types
of monitor (screen) but not all.

Windows 8 was designed to operate systems with touchscreens
rather than keyboards but does not require a touchscreen.

Don Phillipson
Carlsbad Springs
(Ottawa, Canada)

Re: Windows 8 Screen wrote:
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You can use a regular desktop computer, without the
touch features. Just use your mouse and use the desktop
mode and your existing applications. The processor on
your computer should support NX or XD (no execute) bit
for protecting computer programs. My older P4 doesn't
meet that requirement, but my two Core2 systems do.


This is an example of a touch screen monitor for Windows 8,
an early one which is not "certified". Still, a nice monitor
in some ways, because it has an IPS panel. Read the reviews
before even thinking about getting this for the "tablet-like"

   21.5" Multi-touch Monitor with IPS, OUT OF STOCK (~$400)

   "Cons: Not Windows 8 certified: Multitouch limited to two points
          (Win8 cert requires five), bezel protrudes outward at edges,
          making it harder to swipe at the edges, but still works better
          than many other screens for Windows 8. Finger smudges can
          be an issue.

    Other Thoughts: As of right now (September 2012), there aren't any
                    standalone Windows 8 certified touchscreens. After reading
                    many other reviews and articles, this one appeared to be
                    the best Windows 8 ready touchscreen available. Once
                    Windows 8 ready screens appear this one may not be the
                    best choice, but right now it is clearly the best screen
                    for the money and still works great with Windows 8."

I tried using this, but can't be sure I've entered the right terms.

Select a group      : Device
Select an OS        : Windows 8 Client
Select a product    : LCD Monitors
Enter a search value: touch

This returns a single value, one monitor.

HP Compaq L2206tm Touch Monitor

The PDF certification report from that page, contains no useful
information. It's not really a report an end user can use.

Customer reviews are here.

    L2206tm    $275

    21.5" Optical Touchscreen Monitor 250 cd/m2 1000:1 Built-in Speakers

    * 1920 x 1080
    * 1000:1
    * D-Sub DVI
    * 170 degree (H) / 160 degree (V)

   "also this monitor requires the USB to be plugged in and
    I did not receive on with my box. good thing I had one laying
    around, no eggs deducted for that."

I didn't see how many multi-touch points were supported in the
advertising info.

The supplier information does not categorize the monitor in a
way that makes this kind of analysis possible.

This article notes how many touch points are supported, and the
L2206tm is listed as "3" points. I keep seeing references to
5 points being required for Windows 8 certification.

My guess is, if you want a touch screen, an ideal one,
you're going to have to do a *lot* more research than
this quick search.

Touch is optional on the desktop. But you asked for
a "Windows 8 screen" and for the full experiences (tablet-like
experience on a desktop computer), you want a multi-touch screen.


Re: Windows 8 Screen wondered the other day
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Very robust screens which are resistant to bad design en lousy

Morris D.

Re: Windows 8 Screen wrote:

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If you want to use windows 8 like you would use windows 7.
you can always alter the registry so you can get back the
old start menu. An easier way is to download and install
classic shell, which will give you a customisable start menu.

If you are patient you can play around with windows 8
and learn to use it with a mouse. The windows 8 metro interface
is only a customisable start menu. go here and learn

once learned you will see you don't need a touch screen to use it!

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