WINDOWS 7 USB Modem Replacement needed in UK

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I'm now trying out & planning to fully buy Windows 7 64bit .
The Hardware has an well established Win XP  32bit install
where the SAGEM 800@Fast USB Modem gives me OK performance
for years now.

This type of basic USB Modem will not work with WINDOWS 7 .
So looks like I will have to buy a replacement Router type .
But looking (at great tiring length ..sigh !) has not found me a good
alternative .
..I'm in the UK..
Most I've looked at do not say WIN 7 & many say won't work.

Can people please give some suggestions about what to buy
for a Basic single Computer & standard 'Phone installation that does
not need the complexity & cost of Multi port Router & Wireless.
(")_(")  mouse (We Are In The UK)

Re: WINDOWS 7 USB Modem Replacement needed in UK

Trimble Bracegirdle wrote:
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Due to their mass market nature now, combined modem/router boxes don't
have to be that much more expensive than a basic modem. It is a false
economy, to shave a few bucks off a purchase, and then end up buying
the device all over again later. I think you're learning this, with
your USB box. I wouldn't touch a USB ADSL modem with a barge pole -
the *driver* situation is why. I seek to own hardware-only solutions,
where the computer is unaware where the network connection comes from.

For my home system, I use a modular approach. This approach would be
good, if I had both Cable TV and ADSL as options for broadband modems.
I could switch from one ISP to another, and get to keep my router.

    Provider ----- High Speed Modem --------------- Router -------

Why is this such a good deal ? The router terminates the protocol, without
the computer needing *any* drivers. The computer thinks it is on a LAN, and
is unaware that ADSL or Cable is involved.

If you know that your area will only ever have ADSL providers (BT or BT
then you could buy a combined box.

    Telco ---------- ADSL_Modem/Router ------- Ethernet_Computer

Again, there is no driver needed in that picture. And the multiple connectors
on the router interface, allows more than one computer to share the Internet
connection. My router has four ports, but I generally never use more than two of
them. But I would be inconvenienced, if I only had one Ethernet port. Even though
a lot of the time, I might only be using one connector, when I need a second
connector, I need the router.

This is your situation:

     ADSL                          PPPoA LLC
     ADSL2   ------ ADSL_Modem --- PPPoA VCMUX --- router ----- Ethernet_Computer
     ADSL2+                        PPPoE LLC
                                   PPPoE VCMUX

The various ADSL standards support higher transmission rates. Your SAGEM
product right now, looks like it is an 8 megabit vanilla ADSL. Your ISP may in
fact support other options, and so buying another vanilla ADSL modem might
be a waste of money. Here in Canada, they're not in such a rush to upgrade,
so the rental modem I'm using is still vanilla ADSL. (The rental is forced on

The router has to support the protocol coming from the provider. In the diagram,
I notice your SAGEM supports four options. Here in Canada, PPPoE is how we do it.
You could be using PPPoA (point to point protocol over ATM or asynchronous
mode with 53 byte packets).

If I take an example here, this has ADSL on the left hand side, supports
PPPoA and PPPoE internally, and has four wired Ethernet ports on the right hand
side. It is 47.00 . That means, even if your line was upgraded, you'd be
limited to 8 megabits/sec max. The router on this has SPI or Stateful Packet
Inspection, for detecting whether just the "conversation" you initiated, is
coming back to you. This box has auto MDI/MDIX on the Ethernet ports, so you
don't have to worry about the Ethernet cable being "straight-thru" or

The reviews here for that unit look OK.

(Left to right - power, four Ethernet, phone line. The little dimple could be
  the reset button.) ?$S640W$

Now, this box is a bit more expensive, and also a bit simpler in terms
of architecture. It supports ADSL2+, so if your line ever gets an upgrade,
you'd be ready. It has a single Ethernet connector on the output. The
very first question you ask, when you see a single Ethernet connector,
is does "PPPoA" come out of there, or does "vanilla Ethernet" come out
of there ?

    "You can connect any device to the Vigor 120 which has a PPPoE client
     facility, which includes PCs, most Ethernet-WAN routers and the
     Apple Airport but the actual connection to your ISP is still PPPoA"

What that means, is the box doesn't take care of all the protocol details.
While it bridges PPPoA to PPPoE (so I could connect my router to it), it
doesn't eliminate PPP entirely. If I bought the Draytek Vigor, I'd still
have to connect my router box to it, to finish the protocol termination
job. The only benefit that box has, is the promise of higher speeds some
day, if the Telco rolls out a service upgrade.

If I chose to buy the Draytek Vigor box, and not use a router at all,
I would need to install some software to terminate PPPoA. I tried
that kind of thing years ago, and didn't like it. The router now,
is a cheap way to eliminate that software step.

To me, the Netgear comes closest to being the right solution. There is
no unnecessary wireless on it (did I mention I hate wireless ? :-) ).
You can always get a device with wireless - as long as it has an
external antenna, and you connect a resistive terminator connector to it,
you can render the wireless to a useless state, so it won't be speaking
to anyone. Devices that are wireless, and the antenna is printed on the
circuit board inside the box, are more resistant to easily being neutered.
(The web interface for a wireless product, may have an option to shut off
the radio, but don't count on that being present. You'd be surprised how
many wireless products don't include a simple feature to turn them off. If
you buy a wireless device, download the manual to see if the feature

In any case, I'm in Canada, and a UK newsgroup, filled with BT users, may be
a better place to get your info.

One other tiny detail about the router part of the solution. Some people are
Torrent users, and some routers have poor support for large numbers of
connections at one time. If you're a Torrent user, then you would need
to read up on routers known to be good at handling Torrent. The router
doesn't necessarily do anything with the protocol, but the load that
Torrent puts on the router, can reduce the thing to goo. Some routers
don't do a very good job at all, when Torrent traffic is present. Again,
if you're a Torrent user, a more modular approach (modem in one box,
router in a second box), would allow you to pick the optimal router
for Torrent, and the optimal ADSL modem for the telco end.


Re: WINDOWS 7 USB Modem Replacement needed in UK

Trimble Bracegirdle wrote:

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whats wrong with a ethernet lead modem router wireless like belkin

Re: WINDOWS 7 USB Modem Replacement needed in UK

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I had a big problem using a dial-up modem under Win 7!

When connected to my Linux PPP server using a 56k modem (server side: US
Robotics 56k internal hardware modem, client side: US Robotics USB modem
or cheap Conexant PCI winmodem), Win 7 would disconnect suddenly. The
duration was random, sometimes 1 minute, sometimes 10 minutes. I had no
such problem doing the same thing under Vi$ta.

And I am not the only one:

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Re: WINDOWS 7 USB Modem Replacement needed in UK

Trimble Bracegirdle wrote:
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First I would try the latest Vista drivers (from your modem's support web
site) for your existing modem, Vista 32 or 64 bit depending on your
operating software, and see if that makes it work for you.

Here is a link to an internal PCI modem that says it is W7 ready, not that I
have one.  While it claims to be W7 ready the reviews of people successfully
using it say they had to use the right Vista (32/64) drivers as the
manufacturer has not released drivers labeled specifically for W7.

Or the modem products at which claims all their 56k
modems currently being shipped are W7 compatible.  I suspect they too are
using the Vista drivers but again, I don't own one of them.

With one of these sites being listed as selling their modems, you may find
one that will ship to your location.

Re: WINDOWS 7 USB Modem Replacement needed in UK

Brain Hurts !!!
Thanks all for the help...I shall keep Pauls Post as a Reference.

I've had Home personal computers since the early '80's
& have been online since late '80's .
I have always been sort of proud that I have avoided the IMO Horror
of Networks N Routers n all that communication stuff.
Its not good for any Bunny's sanity ..even worse than Printers.

This SAGEM USB Modem has served me well for over 6 years .
And I just want something I can plug straight in & install that WINDOWS 7
will condescend to except.

Looks like it will be the most Basic one Port Router I can get
Though I'm looking on Ebay UK at a Netgear Modem Router DG834 model
as it looks like it may sell for very little & its got 'Vista' on its Box.

I'm just NOT going to learn all that Computer Networking Communication
jargon .
.... I'm to old & have installed & beaten into submission
far to many Microsoft O/S's to go there as well. ;)
(")_(")  mouse (More Like, Been Beaten Into Submission)

Re: WINDOWS 7 USB Modem Replacement needed in UK

Trimble Bracegirdle wrote:
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I was looking at changing my ISP last night, and their recommended
ADSL model is a Speedtouch 516. Maybe you'd have something like that
where you are.


    Speedtouch 516

No driver, plug and go. One Ethernet connector.

There is a datasheet for one of those here.


Re: WINDOWS 7 USB Modem Replacement needed in UK

Oooo !! I like the look of that Thomson SpeedTouch 516 .
I find one on Ebay UK auction around 13+ ( $21 USD)
& Amazon UK has just one at 28 ( around $48 USD)

thanks Paul your being really helpful.
(")_(")  mouse

Re: WINDOWS 7 USB Modem Replacement needed in UK

On Wed, 17 Feb 2010 22:24:18 -0000, "Trimble Bracegirdle"

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Even if you don't want a router you could still go with an
ethernet connected modem, removing the need for OS-specific
drivers for it.

Re: WINDOWS 7 USB Modem Replacement needed in UK

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Go to this link.  Scroll down to the listing and select to sort by price Low
to High.  You will see numerous inexpensive, non wireless routers.   You
need an ADSL one.

Re: WINDOWS 7 USB Modem Replacement needed in UK

The received wisdom Re: Windows 7 is that its just a
tidied up re - release of Vista ...i.e. if it works in Vista it will in Win

The more I look into this it seems NOT SO ! (shock! & worry!)
With  drivers for many devices not working in Win 7 & will need re writing.
(")_(")  mouse (We go Back to Win 98 now)

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