Windows 2000 setup: can't load Windows Boot loader.

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I've got a laptop that I'm trying to install Windows 2000 on.
(I can't install XP as the laptop doesn't have the right drivers.)

I get the error: "Setup can't load Windows Boot loader".

It also says I should check if the hard disc is faulty.

Previously I had Win2000 installed.
It crashed.
I tested the hard drive.
An error was reported.

But then I got the hard drive manufacturers tools and wiped the hard
drive completely.
And ran the error check again.
All seems to be fine.

But... I still get the error above.

What can I do to ge the Windows Boot Loader to install?



Re: Windows 2000 setup: can't load Windows Boot loader.

Hello OM,

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This really sounds like a physical error of the harddisk. I think it's

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Wiping removes the information about all sectors that are corrupt. So
the check util may say anything.

I am no expert but I guess the MBR (master boot record, first sector) is
broken. No clue how this can happen (only an old disk). If it's the MBR
the check util might also ignore this sector and just scan actual data

In my opinion the is few hope that you can use this disk anymore.

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If the problem is just caused by Windows 2000 (which is very unlikely)
you should try XP although. It uses a similar driver architecture and
some Win2000 drivers are also usable under XP. In addition many devices
are supported by XP itself. Have a try.

Daniel Böhmer, Germany

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