Winbond W83627THF (ISA 290h)

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Can someone tell me all about the Winbond W83627THF  (ISA 290h) sensor
on my MSI 865GVM2-LS (MS-7037).

In particular, Everest appears to get the assignment of the CPU and MB
backwards. I would expect the CPU to respond to stress much more than
the MB sensor, which is what happens.

But I do not understand what the "CPU" sensor actually is, nor the
"Motherboard" sensor.


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Re: Winbond W83627THF (ISA 290h)

On Sat, 10 Sep 2005 15:44:07 GMT, (Bob) wrote:

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This is why one uses the motherboard-specific hardware
monitor or a software they either manually configure (or
that someone else has spent the time to pre-configure) for
specific boards.  Any such Super I/O chip can have multiple
temp sensor pins and the board manufacturer determines which
ones are assigned which functions.  Any software reading
them, has to "guess" what each is unless such data has been
collected about the specific board and is put to use in the

Just keep in mind that they're reversed, and don't expect a
general-purpose generic utility to report any board's temps,
necessarily, correctly correspondant to their labels.

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