win98 - randomly rebooting

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I have a win98 machine that's motherboard died so I put the HDD in
another machine wich had a different motherboard and graphics card. I
think I have installed all the correct drivers but every so often it
will reboot particularly when surfing using IE.

Any suggestions.

I am also up to date with all the Win98 updates.


Re: win98 - randomly rebooting

On 26 Jun 2006 07:17:50 -0700, "darren"

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Pretty soon a guy named "davew" will post that you have to
reinstall windows from scratch, ignore him as this is know
false, proved wrong countless times by countless people.

You need to isolate the source of the instability.  First
the basics would be CPU & memory.  Run Memtest86+ for
several hours... it loops but needs to do several loops for
thorough testing.

Next Prime95's Torture Test, the large in-place FFTs
setting.  Any errors here also point to a system
instability.  Whether you have any errors or not in either
of these tests will determine where to proceed next.

If both tests are ok, do the usual windows things like
Scandisk, checking Device Manager, reinstalling IE overtop
of itself (if IE is the only problem), though
malware/spyware/viri/etc can be a primary cause of IE
instability... so scan the system and look for suspicious
things loading at bootup.

Check voltages and fans, cards and cables, temps and overall
alignment of the new board in the case, and check for
unusued standoffs shorting out the back of the board, IF the
new board didn't use as many standoffs as the old one did.

If it is instable in other scenarios too, try to find a
commonality between these scenarios.

Are you sure it was only the motherboard that died?
Sometimes a marginal PSU can kill a board but be barely
working still.  A fresh/new board may be able to run for
awhile but the PSU is still bad, "maybe".

Re: win98 - randomly rebooting

Thank-you very much, I will work my way through your suggestions


kony wrote:
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