Will both of these devices work inside my comp?

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Device 1:

Device 2:

I wanted to use my two 3.5" bays and the USB 2 connectors on the MOBO for an
USB2 hub. However, it looks like maybe both these 2 devices above will have
to be plugged into the MOBO.

No matter what, will I  have to plug this card reader up to the USB2
connections directly on my MOBO (see Device 1 above). With the card reader,
I was thinking I would just run the USB cable out the back and plug it into
one of the USB connectors on the back of the computer. I did not think I
would have to plug anything up to the MOBO. But on the product's website I
see several connectors that look like they go to the MOBO.

I guess what I am asking is whether I will be successfully able to put both
devices inside the computer? If they both have to be connected to my MOBO, I
am pretty sure that is possible for only one of them.

Thank you all.

Asus MOBO P4S533-MX

Re: Will both of these devices work inside my comp?

If your MB doesn't have enough USB taps on the MB, you can always
another USB card (relatively cheap), and most times they have
a USB jack for an
internal connection like what your card reader needs
(then you wouldn't need to
route it outside the back).  Any PCI card
USB would be treated the same as if it
were on the motherboard

Re: Will both of these devices work inside my comp?

Right, but I have been hearing that installing a pci card on a comp that
already has a usb controller installed will do nothing but cause problems.

What do you guys think?

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