Will a 7600GS do me right?

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I'm undecided between a Geforce 7600GT and the GS

I'm not a huge game enthusiast but play the odd thing, is a GS really that

Is there a particulat 7600GS brand that seems to perform better than the
other 7600GS cards at a similar price point? I think I saw a winfast card
that looked good but can't remember where? A link to a 7600GS roundup would
be great.

Any good deals around in the UK?



Re: Will a 7600GS do me right?

Quoted text here. Click to load it

http://www.techpowerup.com/gpudb /

                       Core   Mem    Bus        ROPs/Pixel/
                                               Vertex Shaders
7600GS G73 256MB DDR2  400Mhz 800Mhz 128Bits    8 / 12 / 5     DX9.0,PS3.0,VS3.0
7600GT G73 256MB GDDR3 560Mhz 700Mhz 128Bits    8 / 12 / 5     DX9.0,PS3.0,VS3.0

Looks like different clock rate and different RAM. Cards on Newegg
range from 560-590, and overclocking doesn't always lead to
a happy, long lived card. You would be just as happy with a
card at stock.


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