Wildcat 4000 won't cooperate in 2D...

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Greetings to all,

Happy new year, for start!

I've recently acquired Intergraph's Intense3D Wildcat 4000 as a gift, so i
decided to put it in my sister's computer, unter the moto "Why the hell
wouldn't i have a card that cost 3000$ working". OGL works perfectly, but
card refuses to work under direct draw. Here are some errors:


Putting newest Direct X hasn't helped, nor has decreasing of hardware
acceleration did any good. As i see it, card simply does not support any
color depth except 32 bit. However, it makes no sense that card can
"give" 32 bit color depth, but not 16 or 8 bit (well, it obviously works
under DOS in only few colors). Any help or hint would be appriciated.

FuT set!

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