WiFi on my Verizon Router?

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I have an open port on my Verizon router unused.  What is it for?  How
would I use it?

Re: WiFi on my Verizon Router?

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Which port is open?

Normally when you open a port you direct traffic on that port to an internal
machine to deal with. So for example if you ran a web-server you might open
port 80 directing it to which ever computer was acting as your web-server.

Does this help? or have I misunderstood the question?
 Brian Cryer

Re: WiFi on my Verizon Router?

Jethro wrote:
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Are you perhaps talking about finding a USB2 jack and a network jack
on the back of your router ?

Please state the make and modem number of the router or networking
device, so we can dig up some pictures of it for a look.


"Opening a port" happens to be a network terminology thing, and
has another meaning. Whereas, if you have some extra jacks on the
back of the unit (to take a cable with a plug on the end), that
is an entirely different matter.

These articles bear some relationship to "opening a port", with
respect to network protocols. None of the articles is really
any good, but maybe the terms will be helpful in the future.


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Firewall_ (computing)



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