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Hi everyone.  I'm thinking about getting a widescreen monitor but I
have some questions before I seriously look into it.

What are the typical widescreen resolutions?  I'd like to see if the
games I play even support those resolutions.  What does a widescreen
monitor show if a game is displaying a standard resolution (say
1024x768) ?

How much bigger is a 23" or 30" widescreen compared to a 21" (20"
viewable") CRT?  How much more viewable space do you see vertically?
Is it just the same viewable vertically and lots more horizontally?

I do realize that the 30" widescreen monitors require special
connectors that only the latest video cards support.

Any info would be appreciated!

Re: Widescreen newbie questions

On 8 May 2006 08:33:44 -0700, jeffr1111@yahoo.com wrote:

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You should really look at the model you want to buy to see the
resolutions. In the past the few widescreens had price in the
stratosphere and had high resolution.  The thing I noticed was
a flood of low cost LCD TV widescreens are now dumped on the mkt
and they have much lower resolution. They look OK though surprisingly
for even PC use.

Id read that this was the year makers would push widescreen models for
PC too. With the flood of generic HDTV wide LCDs , I started seeing
CHEAP PC monitors widescreen 19-20+ with fairly low resolution similar
to HDTVs .  However I noticed initially there was a gap with many
generics using the low res panels and the more well known brands using
higher res panels. However now even the generics are starting to use
higher res panels so they are much more similar to the name brands and
prices are falling even on the higher res panels.

For example my Olevia 26" TV LCD is 1366x768 and I saw even lower res
on HDTV LCDs. I started seeing these kind of panels used on wide PC
monitors initially but I guess the once low production wide higher res
panels are now being mass producced as wide catches on so all the
prices are falling. You should check as I saw even fairly recently
some sales on some monitors with fairly low res. At this rate Id like
to replace my 19" LCD Im using with my LCD HDTV too -- I have both
hooked up with a 20-23 inch wide PC monitor with higher res if prices
keep falling.

One thing they measure the screens diagonally as you know so a 20" can
look smaller than a 19" . Also with my HDTV Im using  1280x720. You
use whatever res is available and looks normal on your screen. Other
resolutions tend to stretch the screen abnormally wide.  It adapts
whatever res you choose to fill up the whole screen so things can seem
squashed and stretched wide if you dont get the right res. With my
HDTV at that res things look a bit larger than my 19" LCD so its
actually easier to read.

23" DELL

20" 1680x1050

VX2025wm 20.1-inch LCD Monitor
1680 x 1050  $400

30" DELL $2200

30" Apple $2500
2560 x 1600

20" COMPUSA generic brand $250
1440 x 900

19" Acer


Re: Widescreen newbie questions

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21" (20"
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My 17" laptop is 1440x900.  Look for a monitor that lets you
change the aspect ratio because widescreen LCDs look awful when you
force a native 1440x900 LCD to display a 1024x768 game that doesn't
support widescreen, while still using the entire screen.  It will
display it, but it looks terrible because you are out of native
resolution and out of the native aspect ratio.  Well, I can't speak
for all widescreen LCDs, but I know that every one I have seen looks
really crappy when displaying a standard resolution (1024x768,
800x600, etc.).  I usually change a BIOS setting on my laptop to stop
it from stretching the resolution to fit the screen, so I just see
some fun black bars.

Re: Widescreen newbie questions

professor wrote:

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I have a philips 17" widescreen if i play a game at 1028x768 it does not
stretch the game as such i just see the black bars either side of screen

Re: Widescreen newbie questions

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does not
stretch the game as such i just see the black bars either side of

there is a setting in the bios of most widescreen laptops that
stops it from
stretching.  With widescreen monitors, there is usually
an option in the OSD
somewhere for that.  Your monitor probably has
the option somewhere in there.
Some monitors, sadly, do not have
this option and they are only capable of
stretching the image...which
looks terrible.  Just look up a review of any
monitor you like.  If
you cannot stop it from stretching, the reviewers will

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