wich will be faster ?

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Hi all,

tried to look in google but couldn't find any benchmark.

Wich is faster ? Asus V8200 T2 (geforce3) vs Terratec MX440 (geforce4)

Thanks for the reply.


Re: wich will be faster ?

Bob Bedford wrote:
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This sort of question is pure stupidity.  If you have to ask, the
difference will be so small you will never notice it.  It takes
something like a 50% difference in speed to be obvious to the user.

 Some informative links:

Re: wich will be faster ?

CBFalconer wrote:
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These two pages are my card database links. The first link doesn't go back
far enough to give the particulars. The second link does.

http://www.techpowerup.com/gpudb /

Asus V8200 T2 = Geforce3 TI200
TerraTec Mystify 440 = GF4 MX 440 AGP 4x - 64 MB DDR SGRAM - TV Out

The Geforce3 TI200 looks a hair faster. And has programmable vertex
and pixel shader version 1.1. MX440 is DX7, TI200 is DX8.

But all those numbers in the above pages, can be deceiving.
It always pays to consult some benchmarking results.

Playing UT2003, TI200 is 63.9 FPS and MX440 is 44.5 FPS.


Re: wich will be faster ?

http://www.motherboards.org /

Also, sites like www.pcworld.com , www.pcgamer.com , and even
www.maximumpc.com have whats called "product finder" and has reviews/ specs
on most motherboards.

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Re: wich will be faster ?

On Fri, 13 Oct 2006 11:20:53 +0200, "Bob Bedford"

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GF3 (all of them, TI200, non-TI, and TI500) are all faster
than a GF4 MX(nnn).

GF4 MX is essentially a souped up GF2.

Whether it will matter in your use is another issue, neither
card is sufficient for many modern 3D games.  The GF3 could
play DOOM3, for example, at 800x600 acceptibly without all
the eyecandy turned on and at lower resolution (800x600 at
most unless you dont' mind very low framerates which would
probably be fatal to the player's character in the game).

Re: wich will be faster ?

They are both slow by modern standards, but the G4 is faster than the G3.


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Re: wich will be faster ?

On Fri, 13 Oct 2006 15:50:19 -0700, "DaveW"

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Wrong again, you're thinking of a GF4 TI-series, not MX
series.  Different GPU, not just slower clock or memory.

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