Why NVIDIA Chipsets?

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Intel Makes the CPUs.  Yet you can get a motherobard with an NVIDIA
chipset.  Are they any advantages to a motherboard with NVIDIA chipset
versus a motherboard with an Intel chipset?


Re: Why NVIDIA Chipsets?

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Google for this - "intel vs nvidia chipset" and decide for yourself!

Re: Why NVIDIA Chipsets?

titani wrote:
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    "In order to use SLI, a motherboard with an nForce4, nForce 500, nForce 600
     or nForce 700 SLI chipset must be used. Although with the use of hacks and
     older drivers, one can make SLI work on motherboards with Intel, ATI and
     ULi chipsets, Nvidia has stated that only their own chipsets can allow SLI
     to function optimally, and that *they will not allow SLI to work on any
     vendor's chipsets.

That is a reason to use an Nvidia chipset.

This is the situation for ATI CrossFire (using two ATI video cards
to accelerate 3D rendering).


    "ATI has opened the Crossfire architecture to Intel, allowing CrossFire to be
     enabled on certain Intel chipsets which boast two 16x PCI-E slots."

SLI       = Nvidia chipsets only (with a few small exceptions)
Crossfire = ATI/AMD chipsets plus Intel chipsets

If you only ever use one video card for normal work, then
there is hardly a reason to care about the chipset.

If you play 3D games on the computer, and can afford to purchase
two video cards, to combine their graphics power, then you may
want to think about which chipset to use, based on the above
two rules.



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