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I am looking to upgrade my dinosaur mobo and I am trying to decide
which socket I should get.  I have looked at both the 754 and 939
mobo's but I don't see that I would probably ever care about 64 bit
processing.  I do like good graphics and I inatend to get a mobo with
the pci x 16 buss  instead of the agp 8x.  I would like to get the
most bang for my buck in processor speed that I can use so can anyone
give me some guidance or suggestions.  It seesms that the sempron is
slightly faster than the low end athlon 64 chip.


Re: Which socket??

On Mon, 11 Jul 2005 02:33:36 GMT, jmonahan@nospamev1.net wrote:

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Yeah get a 939 socket PCI E board they are cheap now. Like I said in
the other post nforce4 boards are pretty mainstream now so the prices
have really fallen. My board has been on sale many times as low as $80
- the Chaintech VNF4 Ultra. There are basically 3 types - budget ,
ultra and SLI , the SLI has the ability to use two graphics boards at
the same time for extra speed but Ive read it only works on certain
games and you can get a single card that plenty fast so frankly Im not
that excited about SLI. The only reason Id get a SLI is IF it can use
the new DUAL CORE procecessors - kind of like having two processors in
one so your PC doesnt bog down when doing certain processor intensive
chores or speeding up some types of stuff like rendering graphics
probably AND if it was cheap. The nforce budget and ULTRAs have fallen
really low and the SLIs which were really expensive close to 200 bucks
and above have also fallen. So if I could get one real cheap  AND
there was some advantage such as using dual cores then Id get one. If
the Ultras can also use dual core then Id probably just get the ultra
since many are so cheap.

There are some non nforce chip boards that use AGP but Id only get AGP
now if you still have an AGP graphics card and dont want to hassle
selling it and its still a good card. If its old or you are buying a
grahics card too then Id just go PCI E.

The processor - venice core 939 , they came out with these this year
and they are pretty cheap now . They are said to overclock better than
the older 939s.  Not a big deal but since the prices are generally
similar if you can still find the old ones -- id get the newer one. If
someone is selling the older one drastically lower than I might get
that one.

Theres nothing actually wrong with the 754 socket/AGP but the 754 will
be phased out so I would get one only if its radically cheaper than
anything else. I got a barebones Compaq 754 socket 3200 system for
$109 which is less than just the 939 processor so I went for it but I
wouldnt buy one unless its was an incredible deal , way cheaper than
the 939.  

There are some good deals on the 6800 non-GT and 6600 nvidia cards

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