which of two burners?

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I seem to have a small choice between two cdreader/burner/dvd reader

I have windows 98se and I see in the Amazon.com that the new game
oblivion might be a dvd read game only.    My plain jane cd-reader will
not do at all, and i might as well get a burner too, but i see that the
dvd burners more or less require winxp.  the cd-burner, dvd read-only
seem to be able to run under win98se ok.

I have the athlon 2400xt motherboard too, asus board.

thus I need only the cd reader/burner plus the dvd reader.

there are two that I note.

1...the LG GCC4521B  from lg electronics.  the reviews look good and
the price is right at about $30 + shipping, but i also read that their
support is of the pits!

2...the sony CRX320AE.   $65 at best buy, walk up and grab the box.
fairly good reviews and a fair support page.

but I do not have a workbench and i am not a "geek", i have to take my
win98se and my motherboard into consideration.   then the burning
software too, that comes with these two boxes.

so which one, please, sports fans, that goes with my min-geekness, my
win98, my motherboard where I have already the two ide slots filled
already so that i will have to "chain' this with my hard drive, where i
have my cd reader, now?
or do i just "give up" and play the games i have?!

sometimes the "cheapest" even if good reviews, is not always the best.


Re: which of two burners?

freestonew@yahoo.com wrote:
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I don't believe that to be the case.  What makes you think that?

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I have an NEC DVD Burner, and can vouch that it is reliable, and more
importantly, quite price effective.  At NewEgg:

$41.99 + $4.89 shipping

That includes Nero OEM Suite, which works with Windows 95B to XP.

Re: which of two burners?

freestonew@yahoo.com wrote:
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    I have purchased several LG drives and they have performed well.
Currently I have a GCC-4320B and am using it with Win 98SE.  If it were
me, I would buy the LG drive based upon my experience.  That is not to
say there is anything wrong with the other model.


Re: which of two burners?

On 20 Mar 2006 14:56:03 -0800, freestonew@yahoo.com wrote:

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They actually do list WIN98SE  for example this one at COMPUSA this
week has WIN98se listed


Ive used DVD burners in athlon 1 gig-2 gig PCs.
I would defintely get a DVD burner instead.

The one above is selling this week at COMPUSA and its selling out
everywhere for 29 bucks after rebates.

The two popular makes of burners are the NECs and BENQs cause they are
excellent and cheap. Up until recently the HIVALs which doesnt make
their own stuff put Benqs in the box. Someone said this weeks HI VALS
are TEACs though. That should also be OK . I remember TEAC made some
excellent CD burners in the past.

The NEC at newegg is  less hassle though since there are no rebates
and the NEC is a known qty vs the TEAC.

Re: which of two burners?

I just bought the NEC 3550A from newegg.com - $37.99 and free shipping in
beige, $1.00 in black (today they're offering 99-cent 3-day shipping).
Works just fine.

Caveat - If you purchase the cheaper (by around $5) OEM version, it does not
come with a ribbon cable.


johnS@Smith.com wrote:
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Re: which of two burners?

Maris V. Lidaka Sr. wrote:
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...or a copy of Nero.

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