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I'm thinking of getting a new PCI-E graphics card to replace my Radeon 9800
pro but I'm not sure which motherboard would be a good replacement.

I currently have the Abit IC7 with an AGP Radeon 9800 pro.

It has to be a Pentium 4 compatible motherboard and onboard sound would be a
bonus as I only use headphones at the moment so I'm not buying a seperate
sound card!

Any suggestions?

Re: Which Motherboard?

On Thu, 12 May 2005 10:33:22 +0100, "Moo"

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Offhand I"d suggest one with a PCI-E slot or two?
You haven't limited the selection process any more than that
with the info you provided.

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Which P4 do you have?
Is it really going to be worthwhile to buy something
supporting same CPU or is this not the plan?

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Not really true.  Headphones actually reveal the flaws of
onboard audio more than amplified speakers do, AND they make
it far more important that the sound have a good output
opamp (a buffered output might be too much to ask for?).

Further, onboard sound limits system performance in gaming.
Since you seem willing to spend a fair chunk of change for a
motherboard just so you can spend another $200+ for a new
card to get any significant boost over a R9800 Pro, IMO it's
money well spent to at least get a middle-grade Creative
Labs sound card.  I dislike CL's overall pricing, deceitful
specs/advertising and drivers, but for gaming audio they
have a reasonable product support.

What else do you need from the board and what's the budget?
I may not know the best board for your needs but getting
these details out there may help someone else provide part

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