which is the better card

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ive just built another pc to mess around with and i have 2 old video cards
lying around.
ones a geforce 4 mmx 128mb and the other is an radeon 9600se 128mb.
it will be going into an older pc.
athlon 1000 with 640mb ram.

any recommendations which is the better card to use.

Re: which is the better card

dougie wrote:
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I don't recognize the first one. Maybe you can look them up here.


And this archived site is good for some of the older cards.



Re: which is the better card

On Thu, 14 May 2009 08:37:19 +0200, "dougie"

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Geforce 4 MX is a rehash of Geforce 2 tech, IIRC it is
slower than Radeon 9600SE, but both of them are quite slow
by today's standards for gaming video cards.

Radeon 9600 has DirectX9 support, useful to support Vista
and Win7 Aero interface, but if neither that or playing
pretty old games are important then there are other things
to consider like:

-  Output ports on each card vs what you need

-  Whether both have fans (a passively cooled card, heatsink
without a fan on it can be desirable if the case has good
airflow and the room ambient temps are mild) and if they do
both have fans, the quality and size of the fans as aging,
small, high RPM video card fans are one of the most common
failures in PCs unless periodically relubed (if a sleeve
bearing fan).

-  Geforce 4 MX probably uses less power, not much of a
difference between it and 9600 SE in the grand scheme of
total system power but if there is no reason to choose one
or the other, might as well use the one that produces less
heat and consumes less energy from a PSU load standpoint,
electric bill standpoint, and it's more green to use less

-  Some people have preferences for either ATI or nVidia
drivers.  I prefer the latter but for use on a system
running Vista or Win7, you would want a more recent nVidia
driver (from nvidia.com) as their early Vista drivers were a
bit buggy... though one of the reasons I generally prefer
nVidia drivers is that ATI's also seem buggy, moreso overall
if excluding the early Vista driver era.

I suppose there is one other factor, if you had no specific
preference on which to use, you might be able to sell the
Radeon 9600SE for 5 dollars more than the GF4 MX, I would
guess the market value for either used is somewhere between
$10 to $15.

Re: which is the better card

dougie wrote:

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Use the numbers from here to compare the different branded models:


Make sure you look at the models that match the slot type for the mobo
and cards that you have.  You didn't mention AGP, PCI, PCI-e, etc.

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